World's Sweetest Museum Invades Multiplan's Shopping Centers

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After a successful season at ParkShopping in Brasilia, the World's Sweetest Museum came alive at VillageMall in Rio de Janeiro, from September 12 to October 13

Step into a swimming pool filled with marshmallows or a giant donut, jump into a large mixer, and follow a line of cookies out of a mockup of a baking oven, all in a huge pink maze: isn’t that a dream come true! Between September 12 and October 13, the World's Sweetest Museum disembarked at VillageMall, after a successful run at ParkShopping in Brasilia. The Instagram-friendly space occupied 700 m² and offered playful experiences for visitors of all ages.

"Multiplan is a pioneer in bringing to the malls exhibitions and events that delight our customers. People who visit the World's Sweetest Museum were surprised by the fun and interactive involvements,” said Rodrigo Peres, Multiplan's e-business Marketing Manager.

With the theme “Say Yes to Happiness!” the irreverent exhibition invited the audience to immerse in 15 different room-installations filled with oversized candy, as if the world were made of confectionery. “It is a space parallel to reality, a call to unique moments of fun and happiness, with experiences that recall the imagination of fun and enjoyment that everyone brings from the child within them. Who has never thought of entering a place full of sweets?" says Carla Santos, creator of the Sweetest Museum in the World.

Digital and Instagram-friendly: Not a candy museum, it's a sweet museum

The scenography was thought out in the smallest details, leaving no doubt about the intention. Updated from the previous Portuguese edition, the installations were designed to awaken affective memories through sight, smell, touch and taste. For sweets lovers, there were up to three tasting moments.

Throughout the experience, visitors also were surprised by augmented reality content accessed through the " The Sweetest Museum in the World" app, telling the stories of the sweets portrayed in the exhibition. The tool also offered image filters and galleries.

Everything was created to be the most Instagram-friendly, sweet and happy space in the country. “The experiences can be filmed and photographed, in very entertaining scenarios, so that the public can share in the fun,” says Luzia Canepa, director of Aúna, which brought the project to Brazil. “It's impossible not to walk away a happy camper,” she teases. Images of this universe of dreams, treats and colors can be accompanied found through hashtags #digasimafelicidade and #museumaisdocedomundo.

To offer more comfort to the public, the visits were scheduled at the time of purchase of tickets available through the Eventim website. To assure a quality excursion, the amount of time each visitor could stay in the marshmallow pool was limited.

For each ticket sold, the Museum donated R$ 0.50 to Casa Amarela, an institution located in Morro da Providência that combats social exclusion by training children and adults through artistic practices.