Six Multiplan malls are finalists for the ABRASCE 2019 Award

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On September 9, the Brazilian Shopping Centers Association (Abrasce) will announce the awards for the best projects in the sector in 2018. The ABRASCE Award recognizes and encourages projects developed by shopping malls and corporate groups affiliated with the institution. In addition, it reinforces the importance of the sector as a transforming agent of the social, environmental and economic reality of the country, valuing themes such as technology and innovation that currently dictate the new directions in retailing. This year, six of Multiplan's malls are finalists in various categories. Check out our finalist projects below:

Institutional Campaigns Category

The BarraShoppingSul, in Porto Alegre, is competing with the BarraShoppingSul and POA Jazz Festival project. The jazz festival has expanded the boundaries of the city, state and country and is today recognized as a world festival. The project is in its 5th edition and has already won the Best Festival of the Country award, as well as being one of BarraShoppingSul's greatest contributions to Rio Grande do Sul's cultural scene.

MorumbiShopping,in São Paulo, also competes in the category with a pioneering initiative: the Collective Space + Casa Manual, the first space for creative entrepreneurship in a shopping mall. The Collective Space area was developed to meet the demand of mall customers seeking a less rigid and more fluid area within the complex. The Casa Manual initially brought about 100 conscious consumption projects related to fashion, beauty and well-being, design, children's articles, decoration, jewelry, in addition to famous craft workshops, lecture shows and extensive free programming. The launch of Casa Manual in the Collective Space was a milestone in the project's trajectory, as the initiative moves to ever higher levels in the pursuit of the appreciation of small craftspeople.

DiamondMall, in Belo Horizonte, is in the dispute with an unprecedented action involving digital influencers involved in the Mother's Day campaign, which joins sophistication, technology and emotion. The influencers won Vivara jewelry boxes that were transformed into music boxes. When opened, they surprised mothers with a personalized message recorded by their own children. The action was positively received on the social networks, reaffirming the mall's goal to generate amazing experiences and emotions.

Categoria Eventos e Promoções

ShoppingVilaOlímpia competes with the Father's Day 2018 - Race Driver's Day Promotion.  Far beyond the traditional giveaway promotions, the mall invested in experience. For every R$ 250 in purchases, customers were able to exchange their invoices for coupons to compete for a “Race Driver's Day” for 30 people, in an exclusive event at the Velo Cittá racetrack. And a 31st recipient won a trip with a companion trip to visit an International Auto Show among the top 3 in the world: Paris, Detroit or Geneva. During the promotion period, the mall hosted an exhibition of cars that would be driven by the winners - Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Audi, among others - which further boosted interest and visitor flows to the mall. On “Race Driver's Day,” the lucky winners' experiences were complete: an exclusive event, with brunch, at the race track, Espaço Prana massage chairs (a mall tenant) and the opportunity to drive the cars they had seen on display at the mall. The result was a mood of excitement and spontaneity captured in the video linked below, which was aired on social networks.


Christmas Events and Promotions Category

RibeirãoShopping in Ribeirão Preto, participates in the award process with the Multinatal Experiences project - the biggest Christmas in its history. The project occupied the entire mall and featured unique, exclusive and unforgettable attractions. The event even had real snow falling around the mall several times a day; a 40-meter-high computerized LED tree; sculptures and a house made entirely of ice; a train ride for kids; a Christmas parade with over 30 characters; and choral performances - live and digital, designed on TVs that replaced set design windows, with an incredible special effect. In addition, there was the promotion where customers could win in nine Jeep Compasses, a Volvo XC40 and 250 pairs of tickets for a concert by singer Daniel at RibeirãoShopping's Event Center just days before Christmas. Watch the video of the event

ShoppingAnáliaFranco is competing with the Light Show case story, which transformed the mall's decoration into one big spectacle. To provide customers with the magic of Christmas, the mall created the largest indoor light show in the country. The attraction charmed thousands of people with its 120,000 synchronized bulbs that swayed to the beat of Christmas carols. The opening of the event featured Santa's arrival and a Christmas parade with band and characters interacting with customers, shopkeepers and employees - bringing even more joy to this special day. At the end of the parade, the incredible Light Show began, which became even more engaging as customers received LED bracelets that glowed in sync with the mall lighting. The show took place every night during the Christmas season.


Expansion and Revitalization Category

BarraShoppingSul is in the running for BarraCadabra - Unique experience in a magical world case history. BarraCadabra is a multisensory learning park, fully developed for children from 0 to 13 years old. It is an external and permanent extension of the mall that combines creativity and innovation with the project's functionalities. With a capacity for 500 children, the park occupies 2,500m² and is equipped with 39 toys that stimulate the senses through colors, lights, smells, textures, movement, balance and height. In addition, it has a family bathroom, breastfeeding space, drinking fountains, gastronomic operations and an event area for shows and various activities.


Newton Rique Sustainability Category

MorumbiShopping competes with the Revitalization of the public square, boulevard, bikerack project. The renovation of Praça Sol Peres has brought numerous benefits to the region, transforming formerly degraded areas into leisure spaces, as well as providing more security for the mall project and its surroundings. The opportunity was created to add an outdoor entertainment space to the mall, with gardens fully interconnected to the MorumbiShopping grounds. This change gives the feeling of continuity of the public green area, eliminating the boundaries between the mall and the square - which facilitates pedestrian circulation. The bike rack, on the other hand, reflects MorumbiShopping's support for the use of environmentally correct transportation and the urban mobility cause in São Paulo. Next to the Chucri Zaidan Avenue bike path, it is located in a strategic part of the city.

ShoppingAnáliaFranco competes with the Solidarity Toy Workshop case history, where kids were invited to build two presents: one for themselves and one to be donated to a needy child at Christmas. Wooden horses and felt puppets were assembled and wrapped with great care, so that in December Santa Claus could deliver them to the institutions run by BOMPAR (Centro Social Nossa Senhora do Bom Parto). Some 2,105 children participated in this workshop, who produced 4,210 toys. In all, it was three full days of toy deliveries.