Six Multiplan malls are finalists for the Abrasce 2018 Award

On August 14, the Brazilian Shopping Centers Association (ABRASCE) will announce the awards for the best projects in the sector in 2017. Six Multiplan malls are finalists in a number of categories.

The Abrasce Award recognizes and encourages projects developed by shopping centers throughout Brazil. In addition, it reinforces the importance of industry as an agent of transformation for the country's social, environmental and economic realities.

Meet our finalists:

In the category "Marketing Events and Promotions," three Multiplan malls are competing for the prize. In the "Mother's Day Promotion 2017" of ShoppingVilaOlímpia, in São Paulo (SP), upon the exchange of sales slips, customers took home an exclusive Barilla kit, with products imported from Italy. Thus, they were able to experience a bit of the reward to which 10 other recipients also were entitled: to invite up to 9 people for an "experience dinner" with chef Paulo Turziani - exclusive to the brand -  in the Esperienza Barilla space in Vila Olímpia. During the campaign period, the mall also received Barilla's "Kitchen Esperienza Móvel," with rotation of the brand's chefs, who daily prepared special food tastings for clients. In addition, there was also a Hyundai Creta car drawing.

BarraShoppingSul, in Porto Alegre (RS), also is competing in the category with the project "Re.movies," an outdoor movie theater in the mall's parking lot. The event brought together companies in a positive chain of goodwill to benefit children in situations of social vulnerability with eye exams and donation of prescription eyeglasses.

BarraShopping, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), is participating in the award in the "Marketing Events and Christmas Promotions" category with "The greatest Christmas in Rio" project. The initiative included the largest Christmas tree in the capital city as well as raffles and thematic presentations by international artists. It had everything to make it unforgettable.

In the "Team management" category, RibeirãoShopping, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), is in the competition with the "Retail Club" project. Developed to be a bridge between major sales trends and the stores, it addresses different themes throughout the year, involving owners, sellers and other store trade professionals. The Retail Club is today a multidisciplinary platform that involves research, incentive programs, hidden customer actions, distance learning, consulting and tenant relations.

In the "Marketing Institutional Campaigns" category, the ParkShopping Canoas, in Canoas (RS), is competing with the "It's for fun" inauguration campaign. The communication effort's main objective was to translate the project's distinguishing characteristics, which aim to offer more than purchase options but also different leisure choices both inside and outside the mall, integrated with the Getúlio Vargas Park. The campaign also needed to change the consumption habits of the population of Canoas and neighboring cities, which had access to large stores and a large shopping mal only in the capital city of Porto Alegre. With the "It's for fun" project, the public was introduced to one of the best shopping malls in the country and everything that awaits clients in the new venture.

ParkShopping Canoas is also competing in two other categories. In "New Projects", the "ParkShoppingCanoas - the most fantastic shopping mall in the country" case history presents a new concept in shopping malls. Fully integrated with its outdoor area, in front of a fully revitalized park and with several options of fun and leisure experiences for all ages, ParkShopping Canoas was conceived of by Multiplan to be the most fantastic shopping mall in the country.  

In the "Newton Rique Sustentabilidade" category, the mall competes with the "ParkShopping Canoas Sustainability" case history, where the choices of more modern concepts and technologies for the use of energy, lighting and integration with the environment are presented. The mall features the largest photovoltaic plant ever built on a project in South America. It has trees with solar panels, its own sewage treatment plant, lights with LED lamps, "low-e" glass and reuses rainwater. All these characteristics have already qualified the enterprise to receive pre-certification for the LEED seal, which recognizes its high standard of sustainability.

RibeirãoShopping and Pátio Savassi compete in the "Expansion and Revitalization" category through the "RibeirãoShopping Medical Center" and "Second Expansion of the Savassi Courtyard" projects. Although Ribeirão Preto is recognized nationally for its medical specialties and, therefore, is a destination for the more than 150 municipalities that are in the vicinity, there was no place with a structure that would permit consultation-diagnosis-treatment in one place, all with comfort, convenience, agility and technology. The RibeirãoShopping Medical Center houses three anchors: a Day Hospital, a Laboratory for Clinical Analyses and an Imaging Diagnostic Center; 30 clinics; a modern auditorium with state-of-the-art technology and connected to the surgical center for live broadcasts of procedures for students and event participants; a gourmet coffee shop and a study center.

In November 2016, Pátio Savassi went through its second expansion, planned to house two new anchor stores, Verdemar and Renner.  The project added 6,400 m² of constructed area, with 2,300 m² of Gross Leasable Area (GLA), in addition to 95 new parking spaces. In 2015, the mall went through its first expansion, conceived to receive the store of the American Forever 21 retail brand, until then unknown in the state. The success of the experience of having a tailor-made expansion for a specific operation was the starting point for the next project.