RibeirãoShopping inaugurates modern Medical Center

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The 9th expansion of the project will have more than 30 clinics, day hospital, imaging center and a laboratory in an 11,385-square-meter area, introducing an innovative and functional health services format

RibeirãoShopping inaugurated its 9th expansion on Wednesday, August 9th: a modern Medical Center with more than 30 clinics, a day hospital, an imaging center, a clinical analysis laboratory, an auditorium, a coffee shop and a study center, introducing an innovative health services concept. The complex brings together a number of medical specialties, cutting-edge technology, comfort and ease for patients. The total investment in the expansion is estimated at R$ 100 million, of which R$ 36 million in this stage from Multiplan, the owner of the shopping center; the remainder comes from the clinics themselves in construction enhancements and equipment purchases.

Launched in two commercial stages, in June and November of last year, all of the Medical Center's space in its first stage was leased, totaling 4,200 square meters of GLA (Gross Leasable Area). Most of the space in the second phase, some 2,000 square meters of GLA, has already been leased or is currently under negotiation.

"We are inaugurating a successful, daring, diversified health complex that will surely surprise our entire region, not only by the mix of specialties and level of the professionals who will work there, but also due to the standard of care, the technological resources made available and the convenience and safety offered by being located in a multipurpose center," says Felix Diez, superintendent of RibeirãoShopping.

The Medical Center offers clinics in neurology, vascular surgery, an imaging center, pediatric first aid and general practice, orthopedics, gastro and proctology, urology, dentistry, spinal and pain clinic, dermatology, plastic surgery, human reproduction, gynecology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and hearing aids, as well as clinical analysis laboratory services, anesthesiology and a day hospital, enabling the patient to resolve everything in one place, comfortably and with great practicality.

The expansion occupies an area facing Avenida Presidente Vargas. It has a coffee shop and a modular auditorium with capacity for up to 150 people. It is fully integrated with the RibeirãoShopping mall through two escalator systems, elevators and glassed-in structures. In addition, there is valet parking, almost 4,000 parking spaces, security and facilitated patient scheduling. The general structure of the Medical Center will be open Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and within this timeframe each clinic or operation will establish its own opening hours.

The Medical Center project was one of the winners of the XIII Corporate Architecture Award, one of the most important in Latin America, in the "Health - Health Buildings" category. About 500 professionals, including 130 physicians, will work in the Center when it operates at full capacity.

Study Center

The RibeirãoShopping Medical Center will have a novel installation focused on knowledge and information exchanges: the Advanced Diagnostic Research and Studies Center (CAPED). The project is still under development and aims to establish exchanges with other health reference centers in Brazil and abroad. Through imaging and connectivity resources, CAPED should become a tool to support physicians in finding and exchanging information and analyzing diagnoses and treatments, also featuring other activities such as courses, lectures, transmission of surgeries and events in the auditorium.


Technical specifications

Name: RibeirãoShopping Medical Center

Location>: 9th Expansion of RibeirãoShopping - Superior 1, above the Red Earth Sector

Total construction area: 11,385 square meters

GLA (Gross Leasable Area): 6,200 square meters, of which 4,200 m² in Phase 1 and 2,000 m² in phase 2

Multiplan Investment: R$ 36 million in this stage

Estimate of total investment (Multiplan + clinics): R$ 100 million

Launch 1st phase: June 2016

Beginning of construction: August 2016

Launch second phase: November 2016

Delivery of construction to the clinics: December/2016

Generation of jobs during construction: 350

Estimated post-inauguration jobs: 500

Opening: August 9, 2017

Opening for the public: August 10, 2017

Total leasable spaces in the Medical Center: 37, with 31 clinics, 3 anchors (Day Hospital, Image and Laboratory Center), 1 auditorium, 1 coffee shop and a Study Center


Clinics and operations opening in August

ESSELENSE Day Hospital

Specialized Spinal and Pain Center

CAVEC - Advanced Video Endoscopy and Surgery Center

INU - Institute of Nephrology and Urology

PAAP - High Performance First Aid

CARDIO PRIME - Cardiology Clinic

LE PLUME - Dermatology Clinic

Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery

CEFERP - Ribeirão Preto Fertility Center

VALENS Transforming Smiles Clinic

Behring Laboratory

Ophthalmology Clinic

Right to Hear

Otorrino Center

Gesti Vaccine Clinic

PRONEURO - Advanced Institute of Neurology

INCIVA - Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

WOMEN & HEALTH - Gynecology, Mastology and Obstetrics Clinic

DIAP / DVI - Image Diagnostic Center

CARP - Anesthesiology Clinic of Ribeirão Preto

Auditorium for 150 people

Coffee Shop


RibeirãoShopping and Multiplan

RibeirãoShopping was inaugurated on May 5, 1981 and is currently the center of a bustling region in Ribeirão Preto (SP), receiving more than 10 million visitors a year. It has undergone nine expansions and contains about 410 business operations, including the new Medical Center. The development has 74,796 square meters of GLA and more than 100,000 square meters of commercial area, including a hypermarket, plus commercial buildings and a hotel. The enterprise is managed by the Multiplan Group and offers more than 5,000 direct jobs.

Currently Multiplan has 18 shopping centers located around the country: BarraShopping, New York City Center, ParkShoppingCampoGrande and VillageMall, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ); BH Shopping, DiamondMall and Pátio Savassi, in Belo Horizonte (MG); MorumbiShopping, ShoppingAnáliaFranco and ShoppingVilaOlímpia, in São Paulo (SP); JundiaíShopping, in Jundiaí (SP); ParkShoppingSãoCaetano, in São Caetano do Sul (SP); RibeirãoShopping and Shopping Santa Úrsula, in Ribeirão Preto (SP); ParkShopping, in Brasília (DF); ParkShoppingBarigüi, in Curitiba (PR); BarraShoppingSul, in Porto Alegre (RS); and Parque Shopping Maceió, in Maceió (AL).

The operating shopping center portfolio totals 774,991m² of GLA, more than 5,400 stores and annual traffic of consumers estimated at 180 million. Multiplan has an average ownership interest of 76.6% in its malls. Additionally, the company has two sets of commercial towers with total GLA of 87,558 m², which added to the total shopping mall areas, represents a GLA of 862,549m².