Multiplan's shopping centers promote winter campaigns

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Winter is coming and, with it, the coldest temperatures. To help people in situations of social vulnerability or the homeless face the cold season, Multiplan's shopping centers are promoting campaigns to collect warm clothes, blankets, food, among other items. Actions like these are part of the "Multiply the Good," a hub of social initiatives adopted by the company. Check out how and where you can help.

BarraShopping, ParkJacarepaguá and ParkShoppingCampoGrande, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), are promoting the Warm Winter campaign through which you can contribute by donating blankets, quilts and coats in good condition. All donations will be sent to Viva Rio's partner institutions. At BarraShopping, the collection point is located at the SAC on Américas floor, next to Américas, Asics and Ágatha. At ParkJacarepaguá, is located at the SAC on floor L2, next to Pernambucanas. At ParkShoppingCampoGrande, is located on floor L2, in the MultiConecta space.

In São Paulo (SP), ShoppingAnáliaFranco will collect donations of cold-weather clothing on the Tulipa floor, in front of Mundo do Cabeleireiro and in front of Vivo, on the Orchid floor, in front of Janfiorito Studio, and on the Lily floor, in front of Casa Riachuelo.

In São Caetano do Sul (SP), ParkShoppingSãoCaetano is running, in partnership with the city government, the Solidarity Winter campaign, in which donations of blankets and coats in good condition are collected at the A gate.

Also moved by the spirit of solidarity, RibeirãoShopping and ShoppingSantaÚrsula, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), are once again participating in the traditional Winter Clothing Campaign, an initiative of the Social Solidarity Fund of Ribeirão Preto. Customers of both malls can contribute by donating new or used winter clothes and blankets in good condition. At RibeirãoShopping, donations can be made at the Aquifer Guarani Sector, in front of Carrefour, and at the Arts Sector, in front of the Event Center. At ShoppingSantaÚrsula, the collection point is at the Pátio Central on the first floor.

JundiaíShopping, in Jundiaí (SP), is also participating in the Warm Clothing Campaign, collecting donations of cold-weather clothing. The collection boxes are located on the G1 floor, in the column in front of the Outback; on the Alameda da Cidade floor, next to the parking boxes and the stairs; on the Nove de Julho floor, in front of the Brooksfield store; and on the G4 floor, next to the access skylight.

In Belo Horizonte (MG), DiamondMall supports the Campanha do #CalorHumano (#HumanHeat Campaign), held by Servas (Volunteer Social Assistance Service). The initiative is in its 8th edition and aims to collect winter clothes, blankets and accessories, in good condition, to donate to entities that welcome people in situations of social vulnerability. The collection points are located in front of Drogaria Araújo and in front of Lilly Estética, both located on floor L1.

ParkShopping Canoas, in Canoas (RS), is holding the Park do Bem campaign, in which food, clothes, hygiene products, shoes and bedding are collected. The donations can be delivered on floor L1, in front of Zaffari, and at three collection points on floor L2: one next to Cobasi, another near Gate C, and another at Park's Arena.

BarraShoppingSul also in the Rio Grande do Sul capital, is one of the collection points for the 2022 Winter Clothing and Food Campaign, held by the city hall. The mall collects children's and adults' clothes, warm clothes, blankets, shoes, as well as non-perishable food and bath towels. This year, besides the social assistance entities registered by the Social Assistance and Citizenship Foundation (Fasc), which usually receive the donations, families in extreme social vulnerability that are not registered in aid programs will also be sought out by city authorities to receive the food and clothes.

ParkShoppingBarigüi, in Curitiba (PR), is one of the collection points of the "Aquece Ibradim" campaign, put on by the Brazilian Real Estate Law Institute. Customers can donate blankets, warm clothes, hats, socks and shoes in good condition at the mall. The donations will be collected by Ibradim's volunteers and distributed, through NGOs, to vulnerable communities and institutions that help the elderly and children.

In Brasília (DF), ParkShopping supports the Agasalho do Bem (Warm Clothing for the Good) campaign, collecting new or used coats, sweatshirts, socks, blankets and the like, in good condition. The items will be donated to Casa do Vovô, a community center that for more than three decades has sheltered and assisted elderly people in a multidisciplinary manner. The collection point is located at Entrance E of the mall, next to Madero.

Participate, and do good deeds at the same time!