Multiplan's Shopping Centers present vacation programs for all ages

Holidays are one of the most awaited times of the year and, hence, Multiplan's shopping centers have prepared special programs to offer interactive and playful experiences for all families. More details, such as opening hours and paid attractions, can be found on each mall's website.

ParkJacarepaguá, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), is running the “Dinos of Brazil” exhibition, opening on January 10, displaying more than 25 replicas of skeletons, giant eggs and life-size reproductions of species that lived on Brazilian soil. Adults and children can also have fun on the little train and safari style trucks that will wind their way through the exhibition, and on the jumper, a trampoline equipped with safety ropes. A mini-cinema with virtual reality, chock full of visual effects, completes the experience.

Also from January 10, replicas of aquatic mammals will be exhibited at ParkShoppingCampoGrande in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The "Giants of the Seas" show, a King Eventos production unique in Brazil and exclusive to Multiplan, features some 25 life-size replicas that will be dispersed throughout the mall's corridors or suspended from ceilings. The pieces have QR Codes that bring up content about the animals and visitors will be able to post photos through various filters and augmented reality. The exhibition also offers a mini-movie theater and a train.

At VillageMall, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the fun is delivered by the Multiplan Theater, which is bringing the super production of "Cinderella, the Musical" back to Rio de Janeiro. The run of this, one of the most famous stories in universal literature, is from January 13-February 20.

To liven up the children’s holidays, from January 15 to February 28, BarraShopping, also in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, is hosting the "Hello Kitty & Amigos Fun City" event. The themed space contains a games circuit, giant slide, string figure toy, seesaws and a basketball game, in addition to customizable scenarios. Scattered totems also present the "Hello Kitty Activity Almanac", with three different types of activities that distract, amuse and develop children's skills.

MorumbiShopping, in São Paulo (SP), also presents the "Hello Kitty & Amigos Fun City." The attraction runs from January 10-30 and features an 80-m² pogo stick course with obstacles and circuits and a playful workshop space, where kids can color a cast of characters. There are also totems dotted around with "Hello Kitty's Activity Almanac," featuring an app presenting three different activities. Customers registered on the Multi super app have access to a totem for personalized printouts of photos taken in the event space.

Also, at MorumbiShopping, Teatro Morumbi Shopping is making available a number of attractions for children, such as the musical Bob Zoom – O Trem de Ferro, as well as a comedy show with comedian Bruno Motta, for adults. To check the complete schedule, access:

From January 15-February 13, ShoppingVilaOlímpia, in São Paulo (SP), is promoting the L.O.L Surprise! World on the ground level The event presents what is best in the fashion and music worlds to fans of the dolls. The entertainment is geared towards children from 1 to 12 years old and there are DJ booths, a dance floor, karaoke and many different toys. There is also a dressing room for water-removable tattoos, a coloring workshop, and a panel for taking photos with a giant guitar.

And there' still more at ShoppingVilaOlímpia: the classic musical "Cinderella" will enter a new season at Teatro Claro-SP, from January 8-February 20. Check out the complete schedule for the whole family at

ShoppingAnáliaFranco, in São Paulo (SP), offers Roller Space, a retro rink for four-wheel skates, located in the Events Square. The attraction is available from January 9-March 1. Clients registered on the Multi super app can double their time on the rink by activating a promotional coupon.

At ParkShoppingSãoCaetano in São Caetano do Sul (SP), the attraction “Adventures in the Deep Sea” will delight the vacationing children. Visitors can enjoy the sensation of being at the bottom of the sea as they enter a technological grotto replete with colorful corals. Toys alluding to the theme are guaranteed to amuse the kids. Another plus: the marine life is portrayed through hyper-realistic animals approximately 3.5-meters tall. The attraction will be available at the Events Square from January 11-February 6.

JundiaíShopping, in Jundiaí (SP), brings the "Giant Insect Park" to the city, an attraction with replicas of insects and giant arachnids that share space with slides, toboggans and a trampoline, among other amusements, inside a themed scene set. The attraction is in the mall's event square, from January 11-February 6.

"The Great Animal Ark" is the theme of the holiday event at RibeirãoShopping, in Ribeirão Preto (SP). The structure, located at the Events Square A in the Terra Vermelha Sector, contains a huge ark, which visitors can enter and take a tour of the animals on display. In addition, children can have real fun on a little train, a carousel and interactive cinema, which are part of the scene outside the ark.

At ShoppingSantaÚrsula, also in Ribeirão Preto (SP), ice skating and a game arena are among the entertainment options for kids and young people. The 140-m² ice skating rink is located in the Central Courtyard. MK + Academy, a digital game development school located on the 2nd floor, offers special programming during the holidays, with classes in graphic design and 2D/3D game development, among others. In addition, the mall's amusement park offers many options for electronic games and a comfortable party room to entertain friends.

Pátio Savassi, in Belo Horizonte (MG), hosts Mundo Pinguim (Penguin World), an event that promises to liven up the beginning of the school holidays with characters from the main Pinguim Content productions. In addition to the hit “O Show da Luna!" event, it also includes the participation of “Singing with Ping and Pong” and “Charlie, The Interviewer of Things,” with slides and a coloring space. This is the first time for this themed event in Belo Horizonte.

At BH Shopping, also in the capital of Minas Gerais, the Fidget Toy Challenge event starts on January 6 and runs until the 30th, on the Piso Mariana level. For kids ages 4 to 12, there's a super circuit with test of balance, a Pop It wall, Fidget Toy game, and a trampoline photo challenge. In addition, customizable spaces and an exhibition with various curiosities about Fidget Toy – Pop It complete the attraction.

For its part, DiamondMall, also in Belo Horizonte (MG), is promoting the popular Big Little Chefs - Pop It event. Participants will be encouraged to unleash their imagination with lots of coloring, joy and flavors, showing that a child's place is also in the kitchen. The attraction is at the mall from January 13-30.

BarraShoppingSul, in Porto Alegre (RS), also is presenting the L.O.L Surprise! World at the Rosa dos Ventos Square, from January 14-February 27. The entertainment is geared towards children from 1 to 12 years old and the circuit features DJ booths, a dance floor, karaoke, toys such as seesaws, a slide and the L.O.L trampoline, among others.

From January 5-February 6, ParkShopping Canoas, in Canoas (RS), is offering Jump Around, a 2,500-m² space in the shape of a colorful castle, one of the largest inflatable trampoline-style attractions in Latin America, with giant slides, climbing structures, an obstacle course and basketball courts. Another fun option is Doce Aventura, with attractions in candy shapes, such as slides, a toy with obstacles, a cupcake carousel, crazy cup and coconut tree, ball pool, and an inflatable. The activity is at the mall from January 7-February 25. Children, young people and adults can also enjoy their holidays in the HotZone and on the permanent ice-skating rink.

As of January 15, ParkShoppingBarigüi's clients, in Curitiba (PR), will be amused with the PkB Climb Up, the city's traditional vacation attraction. Children and adults can venture into activities such as tree climbing circuits (two routes) and themed climbing experiences on walls up to 7 meters high. The space also features a fun, curved slide 2.50 meters above the ground for children aged 3 to 7 years old.

At ParkShopping, in the Federal District, the vacation programming offers a unique and exclusive space, inspired by the feature film Spider-Man: No Way Home, with instagrammable panels, slide, trampoline bounce, climbing wall, stick figure game, and much more. The experience can be enjoyed at the shopping center's Central Square, from January 13-February 17.

All precautions and safety measures will be followed at all attractions, such as distancing, mandatory use of mask and provisioning of gel alcohol.

In addition, since January 3, all of Multiplan's malls have introduced an advantage for customers through the Multi app: a 10% discount on parking tickets for payment via the application, offering even greater convenience. Just access Multi and select the mall you are in, click on “Parking Payment” on the main screen and scan your ticket.

Enjoy yourself!

¹Offer valid for an indefinite period, and may be changed at any time, regardless of notice.