Multiplan's malls support Brazil Week with Lápis Vermelho offers

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From September 6 -15, 2019, the first Brazilian Week will be held: a campaign that joins together government and private initiative to booster the country's economy and stimulate sales and inventory turnover. Multiplan will participate in the movement through Lápis Vermelho, its traditional sales campaign.

Multiplan's shopping center customers will be able to monitor discounts on offer through a website, through its Facebook e and Instagram Lápis pages and the malls' own websites and social network sites.

In January, February and July, the summer and winter editions of the Lápis Vermelho Sale will occur - the moment when retailers swap their seasonal collections and have special prices for surplus inventory. And since 2015, the Lápis Vermelho has been part of the Black Friday promotion, spotlighting its tenants' sales campaigns.

The Lápis Vermelho's concept is "Living well, paying less" and, throughout the year, in their social networks the malls give tips on the offers, fashion and beauty along with events and experiences to be found at Multiplan's malls.