Multiplan's malls receive Sandy e Junior Experience exhibit

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Through a curated exhibit of iconic costumes, awards, musical instruments, fan letters and many items of emotional value, the artists share their 30-year career in the music business

In this very special year for Sandy and Junior, in which they celebrate 30 years of a musical career, the siblings decided to celebrate in fact. In addition to producing a commemorative tour - "Our History" - which opens in July and tours the country, the artists are launching their “Sandy and Junior Experience” show. With a confirmed presence in shopping malls in all the cities where the tour is booked, the public will have two exhibition versions: “full,” filling approximately 200m² and with sensorial moments, in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre; and “pocket,” with 75m², in the other states where the shows will be put on. The events are exclusive to Multiplan's own shopping centers.

"When revisiting all our work to conceive this show, it was inevitable to shine a 'beam of light' into our past, to literally dig into boxes, files, discographies, photos, costumes, awards, fan letters," explains Junior Lima. "And so many emotional moments came to light... That's where our idea came to share a little more of our history with everyone. They are images, memories and a little bit of everything: childhood, adolescence, adulthood," completes Sandy.

Designed and produced by Sintonia Eventos e Contemporare, the exhibition follows the city schedules, starting with the pocket versions, beginning in Brasilia at ParkShopping.

"Multiplan is a pioneer in bringing exhibitions and entertainment that our customers love to its malls. In the 'Sandy & Junior Experience' exhibition, the audience will be able to relive the couple's moments and celebrate their 30 years of history," noted Rodrigo Peres, Multiplan's marketing manager.


Sandy e Junior Experience

- ParkShopping: July 15 to August 2 - Brasília (pocket version)

SAI/SO Área 6580, s/n


- BarraShopping: July 26 to August 13 - Rio de Janeiro (full version)

Av. das Américas, 4666 - Barra da Tijuca


- BH Shopping: August 5 to 25 - Belo Horizonte (pocket version)

BR-356, 3049 – Belvedere

- ParkShoppingBarigüi: August 15 to September 8 - Curitiba (pocket version)

R. Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 600 - Ecoville


- ShoppingAnáliaFranco: August 19 to September 8 - São Paulo (full version)

Av. Regente Feijó, 1739 - Jardim Anália Franco


- BarraShoppingSul - September 20 to October 5 - Porto Alegre (full version)

Av. Diário de Notícias, 300 - Cristal


- MorumbiShopping - October 11 to 20 - São Paulo - (full version)

Av. Roque Petroni Júnior, 1089 - Jardim das Acácias