Multiplan releases the #vaipassar campaign

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Multiplan released the "#vaipassar" campaign on April 28, adding to the hashtag that has been increasingly visible on social networks and expressing a positive message of appreciation of reunions and joy. The film, created in partnership with the Comum agency, highlights the importance of emotional connections by showing moments celebrations of life and family, friends and the people we love. The campaign shows that while for now, it is necessary for us to remain at home, when all of this is over, Multiplan malls will be waiting with open arms to be the host for new narratives and human experiences.

This is yet another initiative to continue to add to the well-being of the public, even though the malls are temporarily closed. On their social networks, our malls have been sharing a variety of content to support our regular customers at this time, with health care tips, activities to do at home and cultural tips, in addition to information about our services that are authorized to operate through home delivery.

“The nature of our business is to provide a feeling of well-being and entertainment to our customers. We understand that it is important to offer a positive message during this difficult time. So we are following a trend that we are seeing on social networks and are creating a motivational and positive campaign, so that our public can remember how good it is to be with the ones we love. And that even though distant, our malls are still near by ”, says Rodrigo Peres, Multiplan's Marketing and E-business Manager

The campaign will run on Multiplan's shopping center channels.