Multiplan receives APIMEC SP award

The Multiplan Empreendimentos Imobiliários meeting, held on April 7, 2016, was chosen by the Association of Analysts and Investment Professionals of the Brazilian Capital Market (APIMEC SP) as one of the 10 best of 2016 out of all those held by the entity.

The choice was made by a qualified jury that based the result on the evaluations of investment professionals conducted at the end of each APIMEC SP meeting. Since 2007, Multiplan has already made 19 presentations in partnership with Apimec, 10 in São Paulo and nine in Rio. The meetings organized by the association are one of the main events focused on communication between corporations and their shareholders. They are live opportunities to obtain information about the companies directly from the executives.

Apimec's main objective is to stimulate and support any type of action that fosters the development of Brazil’s financial and capital markets. It prepares investment professionals - investment, credit and risk analysts, fund managers and investment portfolios, analysts and economic strategists - to lead the process of fostering and enhancing the financial and, above all, capital markets.