Multiplan promotes Lápis Vermelho Week with up to 70% OFF

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Between September 3-13, Multiplan's malls are running the Lápis Vermelho Week digital campaign to promote Brazil Week sales, which will feature discounts of up to 70% on products from a number of different segments. It will be broadcast on the websites and social networks of malls, the Lápis Vermelho and Multi apps and as push notifications on Multiplan's own superapp. Promotions include products on offer, progressive discounts and special actions, such as an entire store offering liquidation prices.

Since Father's Day, Lápis Vermelho offers on mall websites have been integrated with the Company's Direct Sales channel. This way, clients can click the "buy" button and perform the transaction directly through the store's WhatsApp contact number. To make it easier for consumers to access promotions and boost store sales, discounted products also can be purchased through the Multi superapp and delivered within two hours.

Shopping mall customers can follow the offers on the Lápis Vermelho, Facebook and Instagram website, as well as those of each mall's own websites and social networks and the Multi app.

In January and July, the summer and winter editions of the  Lápis Vermelho Liquidations occur. In addition, throughout the year, the traditional Lápis Vermelho seal promotes the best offers available at Multiplan's malls, as well offering fashion and beauty tips and experiences in the chain's properties.