Multiplan launches “Multiplique o Bem vencendo a COVID-19” campaign

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Multiplan launches today the "Multiply the Good by Conquering COVID-19" campaign to raise donations online and support institutions that need assistance in this current moment of the new coronavirus pandemic. Through the website it is possible to choose one of the institutions to help (CUFA, Instituto Fazendo História or Pequeno Cotolengo) and select the amount of the donation, starting at R$ 5. Payment is by credit card or a bank payment slip.

The campaign is a partnership between Multiplan and the Polen fintech startup, that will verify all donations. Multiplique o Bem is the hub of initiatives adopted by Multiplan designed to contribute to social development and quality of life in the communities where the Company's malls are located. Pollen uses technology to link companies with social impact initiatives.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Multiplan has developed numerous initiatives to support retail and society in combating the coronavirus and reduce its impacts. To broaden the reach and engagement in the campaign and encourage more donations, all of Multiplan's malls, whose operations have temporarily been suspended due to the pandemic, will publicize the action on their social networks. The Multi superapp will also feature a page dedicated to the dissemination of the initiative.

The Central Única das Favelas (CUFA), a shantytown assistance organization, operates in support, awareness raising and prevention actions that benefit underprivileged populations in all 27 Brazilian states. The Instituto Fazendo História has been in existence for over 12 years and works with children and teenagers who need to be away from their families, helping them cope with these difficult emotional times. The Pequeno Cotolengo is a reference institution in Paraná for taking in, offering health care, education and better quality of life for people with multiple disabilities who have been abandoned by their families or are at risk.