Multiplan launches Multi app that brings malls into people's homes

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Multi app expands shopping experience for consumers

So, you don't want to go out? You're stuck in the office? Multi saves you. Multiplan has launched its Multi application, the first in the market to bring various services for the its shopping center network's clients to a marketplace where customers can place orders and receive their purchases in their homes. Available in Android and iOS versions, Multi features advanced technologies that integrate both physical and online channels.

The application will be launched with a series of features offering convenience to customers of all Multiplan's malls, who can consult in real-time during their visits or even plan their outings from home. Some of the benefits available through Multi include buying movie tickets, offering real-time Lápis Vermelho (Red Pencil) discount products and information about shops, restaurants, and medical appointments, with the ability to schedule visits directly – all before they arrive at the mall.

During their visit, customers can look up information about shops and restaurants, participate in shopping mall promotions, register their invoices through the app, and soon will be able to pay their parking charges through a mobile device.

One of the highlights of Multi is the possibility for consumers to make purchases in stores or order meals at the mall's restaurants and receive them at their preferred address within the delivery area. Initially available to BarraShopping, (RJ) customers, in the coming months this mobile ordering service will also be launched at ShoppingVilaOlímpia, MorumbiShopping, ShoppingAnáliaFranco, VillageMall, ParkShoppingCampoGrande, ParkShopping Canoas and BarraShoppingSul. Throughout 2020, the company intends to incorporate its other shopping centers into the app delivery service. 

When operating in BarraShopping, one of the largest shopping, business and leisure complexes in Latin America, the application delivery services will cover much of Barra da Tijuca and areas of Recreio and Jacarepaguá neighborhoods, a region with high consumption potential whose population is about one million inhabitants.

According to José Isaac Peres, Multiplan's CEO, the launch represents a major breakthrough in the retail and shopping mall market. “With Multi, we are integrating the physical and digital worlds, bringing the shopping experience into the palms of consumers.

In this way, we can make the user experience even more complete and comfortable,” says the executive. “The partnership we signed with Delivery Center will bring us logistical excellence and allow us to serve the neighbors of the projects,” he adds. 

Also in 2019, Multiplan will launch a host of new in-app features to make the shopping experience more convenient, easier and more valuable for its customers through the intelligent use of mobile technology.

Click here and download the Multi app.