Multiplan launches campaign about reunions in its malls

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Multiplan has launched, as of October 15, an informational campaign presenting a new phase for its shopping centers in anticipation of the expected return of meetings of families and friends in its complexes. It emphasizes the maintaining of safeguards adopted for public encounters since the reopening of the projects. Created by the Lápis Raro agency, the film portrays the transition from meetings only by video calls to a new chapter in which it now is possible to begin to relive the experience of being together in a physical space.

Through the campaign, Multiplan is reinforcing the importance of assuring peoples' well-being in its malls so they once again can connect in person, safely and comfortably.

“Now that the life we love is slowly returning, we are prepared to once again be the stage for new histories and a part of our customers' daily routine. People have waited a long time for this moment of reunion and we are ready to welcome them. Always following the health agency guidelines, the public will find our malls even safer," says Rodrigo Peres, Multiplan's Co-Head of Marketing, Innovation and Digital Business (MIND).

Check out the campaign below on the social networks of Multiplan, the malls, the Lápis Vermelho site and through the Multi app.



*Production of the film complied with all necessary protocols and the recording was performed by the cast themselves.


Technical Credits:

Creative Direction: Carla Madeira, Cris Cortez and Márcia Lima

Creation: Carla Madeira, Cris Borges and Phellippe Samarone

Customer Service Manager: Simone Moreira

Customer Service Department: Renata Pereira

Customer Service: Bárbara Palhares

Media: Deborah Conde and Carolina Teles

Electronic Production: Marcelo Henrique

Operations: Iuly Macari

Proofing: Iago Passos

Client Approval: Rodrigo Peres, Mônica Rocha and Adriana Antunes

Audio Producer: Yep

Video Producer: Rosa Filmes/Coletivo Imaginário

Scenery: Pedro Furtado

Director of Photography: Pedro Furtado

Executive Producer: André Macedo

Video Producer: Coletivo Imaginário