Multiplan innovates through an application that avoids lines at food courts

Initially, the Onyo app was introduced at BarraShopping and will become available to the entire mall chain over the course of 2017

Shopping center developer Multiplan, which has a portfolio of 18 malls around the country, has innovated with the introduction of the Onyo application that allows customers to circumvent lines and optimize their time in food courts even before arriving in the shopping center. In a simple, convenient manner and at no additional cost, users can avoid lines and optimize their time in the food courts. The free app has versions for iOs and Android devices; for downloading, just go to

Launched through a pioneering project at BarraShopping (RJ), it will be made available to the group's other shopping centers over the course of 2017. The city of São Paulo will see the introduction of the service in the first quarter of the year, by ShoppingVilaOlímpia. Onyo, a technology startup company founded in 2014 by two Brazilian executives with experience in the software, consultancy and financial sectors, developed the application. The company is based in offices in São Paulo and New York.

At BarraShopping, initially eight food stores will be registered to use the new software: Montana, Bibi, Creps, Crepelocks, Mr. Maki, Fry's, Vivenda do Camarão and Mister Pizza. The expectation is for other stores with counter facilities and some restaurants with dining rooms will make the app service available by the end of 2017. The goal is to have every food service operation in the mall offering the service by the end of 2018.

"Of the 60 minutes available for their lunch breaks, many people spend between 10 to 15 minutes daily between standing in line, ordering, paying and waiting for food preparation in mall food courts," said Onyo co-founder Alexandre Dinkelmann. Through the application, users can reduce this wait by 75 minutes per week and recover their power of choice of time.

The prices for orders made through the app are the same as charged at the store counter. Another benefit of using the Onyo App is that the food is prepared as soon as the restaurant accepts the request. This makes it possible for the client to schedule when to pick up his or her order, because the app informs the estimated minimum and maximum time to arrive at the store. "The goal is to offer the customer convenience. Multiplan once again is in the forefront of an initiative. Time is the most precious asset we all have," according to Rodrigo Perez, Multiplan's manager of Marketing and e-business. 


About Onyo 

Onyo is the brainchild of Alexandre Dinkelmann and Fernando Taliberti, and its mission is to bring convenience and practicality to daily food and beverage consumers outside the home. Dinkelmann has a Masters Degree from Stanford University (USA), and comes from a 20-year career as a top executive in large companies. Taliberti has a Masters Degree from the University of Turin (Italy) and had a solid career in a multinational consulting company. They met at TOTVS, where they worked together for a number of years, and among other accomplishments, created its startup investment division, TOTVS Ventures.

Onyo was accelerated in New York by the American Founder Institute, its first international partner. It has established partnerships with over 20 of the largest food service chains in Brazil, with the goal of introducing the experience of the new Onyo application into all of the country's food courts. The platform also serves the Casa do Pão de Queijo, Baked Potato and Gula Gula food chains, which use their own branded apps.

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