Multiplan inaugurates 19th shopping center: ParkShopping Canoas

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Today, November 23th, Multiplan opens ParkShopping Canoas. In the midst of the worst financial crisis to have faced Brazil in many years, Multiplan has invested approximately R$ 500 million and built the most fully integrated project in the country: combining the natural surroundings, entertainment facilities and a shopping center. Added to the investments by tenants, the total investment is around R$ 750 million. It is a unique mall, connected to a large park via a footbridge, and has the largest ice-skating arena in the country, as well as 264 shops, seven movie theaters and an event center that can hold 1,200 people, among other attractions.

ParkShopping Canoas is changing the life of an entire region, having generated as many as 2,500 direct jobs during the construction phase and now has more than 3,000 jobs as it transitions to full operation. It provided the largest supply of jobs in the area last year, accounting for over 90% of the vacancies in the job bank in the Rio Grande do Sul city of Canoas. The opening of the mall will benefit more than one million people since its area of influence includes the entire Greater Porto Alegre and the Sinos Valley region, an important industrial area in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

"Multiplan is one of the largest job generators in the country. We have more than 80,000 workers in our malls and we are responsible for the generation of a huge amount of income and taxes. We never stopped believing in Brazil. Crises come and go and we continue to invest. Because I believe that we, as entrepreneurs, are responsible for keeping the economy moving," explains the president of Multiplan, José Isaac Peres.

In order to facilitate the access to ParkShopping Canoas, help the circulation of traffic in the region and improve the landscaping of the surrounding area, Multiplan invested R$ 35 million in the construction of roads, signposts, sidewalks, power substations and transmission lines. The projects range from the widening of BR-116 to the doubling of Av. Farroupilha, and redesigning 2.7 km of roads in an area covering​​ more than 25,000 m². In September 2016, Multiplan inaugurated the Getúlio Vargas Park expansion, an investment of R $ 14 million.

When completed, the mall will have children's play grounds, one designed by artist Carlos Vergara and another for physical exercise, with rope and bar stations, a lake with carp and garden areas for relaxation. In addition, the project offers free wi-fi, charging stations, a special spot for drinking chimarrón tea and a skating rink that can be changed into a public square for events.

The project has a 63 m² LED movie screen that will show videos, shows and sports events. The site also has a completely modern Event Center, with a separate energy generator, and an ecumenical center.

"Canoas is located in the middle of an area with a high level of consumption demand that has few options for shopping and leisure. We are in a confluence of cities in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre and the Sinos Valley, where we have built a modern shopping mall with the most modern technology available for the interaction of our customers. We also place a high priority on the sustainability of our project", reports Peres.

The project was completely developed and built by Multiplan with a focus on sustainability and low condominium cost, with the largest photovoltaic generating plant ever included in a project in South America. More than 4,100 photovoltaic panels have been installed an area of ​​18,000 m², with an output capacity of 1.3 megawatts. The project also has 13 trees with solar panels in the parking lot, rainwater recycling systems, a Sewage Treatment Station (ETE), maximum energy efficiency LED lamps, and uses "low-e", high performance glass, which offers a significant reduction in energy consumption and lowers air conditioning energy consumption. All of these features have qualified the project for Leed pre-certification, the seal that recognizes the highest standards of sustainability for the enterprise.

Shopping Center Technical Sheet

Land area: 93,600 m2

Construction area: 136,066 m2

GLA (gross leasable area): 48,000 m2

Number of shops: 264

Number of anchor businesses: 9

Number of super-stores: 9

Number of supermarkets: 1

Parking 2,500 thousand spaces, of which 1,500 are covered

Cinema: 7 stadium rooms

Restaurants: 8

Fast Food operations: 26 with a eating capacity of 1,100

Event Center: 2,400 m2 and capacity for up to 1,200 people

Escalators: 16

Elevators: 10