Multiplan has already avoided the emission of 28,000 tons of CO2 through the VillageMall solar power plant

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Two years after the inauguration of the photovoltaic power plant that supplies the VillageMall shopping center in Rio de Janeiro, Multiplan is reaffirming its commitment to apply clean and renewable energy sources as part of its ESG initiatives, seeking to implement the best environmental practices. During the period, the plant avoided the emission of 28,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere - equivalent to 16,193 planted trees.

The plant has a capacity of 8.3 MWp (Megawatt-peak) and involves 25,400 photovoltaic modules, spread over an area of 240,000 square meters, equivalent to 24 soccer fields, using tracking technology - a structure that moves according to changes in the angle of the sun's rays, allowing for the greatest possible absorption of radiation. The solar energy model generates savings of about 30% in energy costs for VillageMall’s tenants.

In addition, the Company already has avoided the emission of more than 771.1 tons of CO2 with another solar energy production complex, built in 2020 to supply Multiplan's headquarters facilities in Rio de Janeiro. Completing one year since its inauguration, the solar park located in Paty de Alferes (RJ) already has generated 866.8 MWh of energy. The energy produced in 12 months would be enough for more than use of 784,000 electric showers and power supply to 3,939 homes for a month.

Multiplan has been investing in solar power generation for 10 years and, in November 2021, will inaugurate its 20th shopping center, ParkJacarepaguá, in Rio de Janeiro, equipped with one of the largest urban solar panel parks in Latin America. The development will be the Company's most sustainable of all, with different initiatives implemented since its conception.