Multiplan employees visit the ParkJacarepaguá construction site and plant seedlings

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Inspired by Nature Day, celebrated on October 4, Multiplan invited employees to an event to plant seedlings at the ParkJacarepaguá construction site. The activity was attended by some 60 people. In addition to planting some of the trees that will be part of the new mall's landscaping - the shopping center is scheduled to open in November- they also were given a guided tour of the nearly completed project. The planting part of the event was oriented by environmental educators from the Instituto Moleque Mateiro, which works to build a culture of sustainability through projects developed for different social segments.

Participants in the activity and their companions over 18 years of age planted mini flamboyant species seedlings. The action will be eternalized with the placing of a plaque with the name of each employee who did the planting in the gardens of ParkJacarepaguá.



The Company's most sustainable mall

On the date, the Multiplan team learned firsthand about the sustainable initiatives of the Company's 20th mall, which will generate more than 4,000 jobs in a single location. The project will be powered by solar energy, using some 3,686 solar panels installed on the roof capable of generating 1.6 MWh of energy. With 100% LED lighting, and high-efficiency chillers, which generate 30% energy savings, the mall also features high-performance glass for better air-conditioning efficiency.

The project also is equipped with a sewage treatment plant and reuses rainwater for irrigation and in toilets and urinals. ParkJacarepaguá will be the group's most sustainable shopping center, with areas integrated with green foliage and landscaping totaling about 12,000 m².


Transformation as a legacy

ParkJacarepaguá is yet another Multiplan project that transforms its surroundings and leaves an important legacy for the region in which it operates. Vander Giordano, the company's institutional vice-president, emphasizes that, besides investments in technology to build increasingly sustainable shopping centers, Multiplan also constantly maintains the green areas around its projects.

"We implement numerous actions to preserve nature, such as the maintenance of parks and squares close to our malls. This is the case of Parque das Artes, in Ribeirão Preto; Tom Jobim Park, in São Caetano do Sul; Getúlio Vargas Park, in Canoas; and Praça Sol Peres, in São Paulo. All of these nature-friendly developments are adjacent to the Company's developments. Almost 100,000 square meters of green areas are preserved by Multiplan. ParkJacarepaguá could be no different, and it is coming into being well ahead of its time in terms of the concept of sustainability and the preservation of nature," he said.

Check out in the video how the action was with Multiplan employees!