Multiplan donates 50 motorcycles to the PMRJ

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In a ceremony held on May 1, Multiplan delivered to the Rio de Janeiro city police force (PMRJ) 50 brand new motorcycles for patrolling purposes. The donation, without any tax write-off counterparty, is for assisting the needs of the city’s social safety environment.

According to the plans developed by the Police General Operational Staff, some of the new motorcycles will be used to reinforce the Special Police Battalion's Tactical Group (BPChq) fleet and another part is earmarked for a public safety program in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood (Barra Presente). The remainder will be distributed to operational units located in the West Zone of Rio, including the 18th BPM (Jacarepaguá) and 31th BPM (Barra).

​"In addition to strengthening our operational capacity, this donation is a demonstration of partnership between the public and private sectors and that public safety requires the participation of all, although it is a constitutional attribution of the State," says PM spokesman, Col. Mauro Fliess. The donation was made under article 24, § 1, of Decree 46.223/2018.

Multiplan regularly collaborates with entities such as the Reação Institute, Mário Kroeff Hospital and the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer (Amicca). A partner of the Disque-Denuncia denunciation hotline, a key institution supporting the work of the State Military and Civil Police, the company has already made other donations to security entities, such as motorcycles that are currently used by the Municipal Guard of Rio de Janeiro. According to the Institutional Vice President, Vander Giordano, "Actions like these are designed to assist with the social environment aims and seeks to involve other companies and civil society in the initiative, as occurs in a number of countries around  the world where it is common for large companies to support their communities."​