Multiplan celebrates the beginning of the biggest expansion of ParkShoppingBarigüi

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On Tuesday, March 10, Multiplan received, at ParkCultural, about 1,000 guests to celebrate and make official the beginning of new construction phase at ParkShoppingBarigüi in Curitiba. Announced in December 2019 and involving an investment of R$ 250 million, this is the third expansion project, with delivery scheduled for 2021.

“I thank the people of Curitiba for making ParkShoppingBarigüi possible. The mall is designed for people to enjoy the benefits it offers for the city,” highlighted Multiplan's Vice President of Operations, Eduardo Peres, speaking at the event.

With the expansion, ParkShoppingBarigüi will gain a third floor: there will be another 15,000 m² in GLA (Gross Leasable Area), with 75 new stores, a Medical Center with 4,780 m² and an Events Center with 1,800 m². The new floor will also feature two VIP movie theaters, a permanent ice skating arena and five new restaurants at Park Gourmet. In partnership with the Curitiba City Hall, ParkShoppingBarigüi will also implement the Viva Barigüi project, creating an ecological corridor between the mall and Parque Barigüi.

“We always seek to innovate and perceive opportunities. We never stop investing in Curitiba and we will continue to invest. We are going to deliver the best mall in Brazil with this successful tripod: leisure, green and retail,” said Vice President of Development, Marcello Barnes

The Medical Center with 22 specialty clinics is one of the differentials of the expansion of ParkShoppingBarigüi, which will become the third among Multiplan's 19 shopping centers in the country to have infrastructure dedicated to health care. The first mall in Brazil to have a Medical Center was BarraShopping, in Rio de Janeiro, and later, RibeirãoShopping, in Ribeirão Preto.

"The third expansion is a gift for the people of Curitiba who have always honored ParkShoppingBarigüi. This investment creates new business opportunities, more jobs, more tax collections, more leisure. This is what every city needs,” stated the director of Multiplan's Southern Region, Marco Jardim.

The event received shopkeepers, opinion makers, business leaders, doctors and authorities, such as the Deputy Governor of Paraná, Darci Piana, and the mayor of Curitiba, Rafael Greca. The ceremony was conducted by actress and presenter Mel Fronckowiak. After the official presentation of the expansion project, the guests enjoyed an exclusive show by the winner of the 2019 edition of The Voice Brazil program, Tony Gordon, who performed with his quartet.

“The official launch of a project as big as this could only be done in one big event. This is what we offer so that the whole city can get to know the details of our new expansion project in detail,” highlighted Jacqueline Lemos, superintendent of ParkShoppingBarigüi.

Opened in November 2003, ParkShoppingBarigüi has already undergone two expansions – Park Gourmet and side corridors. “One of the points that differentiates our company is precisely the planning that we do in the conception of each project. Sixteen years after the opening of ParkShoppingBarigüi, we started the works for an expansion that had already been planned in 2000, when the project was designed. And I can say that we still have many other plans for Curitiba," said José Isaac Peres, president of Multiplan.