Multiplan Celebrates 35th anniversary of the Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho

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 Traditional stock selloff offers discounts of up to 70% and includes

15 of the group's shopping malls


The Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho (Red Pencil Sale) has been helping clients live well and pay little since 1982. This is the Lápis Vermelho (Red Pencil) concept, a Multiplan action that brings together 15 of its malls nationwide. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the promotion, the traditional inventory selloff will occur in a number of stores with discounts of up to 70%, along with special actions, such as the surprise distribution of gifts to clients. The slogan for the commemorative campaign, produced by the F2F Digital agency, is "For 35 years, your desire fits on the tip of the Pencil." The phrase was inspired by the work of Russian artist and sculptor Salavat Fidai, who creates mini-sculptures on the graphite tips of pencils.

 "The Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho is a great opportunity for both consumers as well as the storekeepers. It's a win-win strategy, because there's always that object of desire waiting for just the right timing to be acquired. After 35 years, we are celebrating this milestone with the certainty that Lápis Vermelho will continue helping clients to live well while paying little," says the manager of Marketing and e-business at Multiplan, Rodrigo Peres.

In the light of the dynamics of each Mall, the liquidation occurs on different dates in Multiplan's facility throughout the month, starting on July 6 at BarraShopping, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

To check out the current promotions, simply access or click on the "Promotions" tab on the Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho fanpage or those of any one of the 15 participating malls.


Check out the promotions calendar below:


July 6, 2017 to July 9, 2017

Rio de Janeiro (RJ):



July 20, 2017 to July 23, 2017

Greater São Paulo (SP):







Ribeirão Preto (SP):




Brasília (DF):



Curitiba (PR):



Porto Alegre (RS):



July 27, 2017 to July 30, 2017

Rio de Janeiro (RJ):



Belo Horizonte (MG):

BH Shopping


Pátio Savassi


History - The Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho was held for the first time in 1982 in BH Shopping, in Belo Horizonte (MG), RibeirãoShopping, in Ribeirão Preto (SP) and BarraShopping (RJ) - Multiplan's first malls - using the "Lápis Vermelho" character, an animated figure in the format of a colored pencil. This image was used throughout the 1980s and early 1990s.

In 2008, the Sale was run for the first time simultaneously in all the company's malls, featuring two annual editions: summer and winter. 

In 2013, Lápis Vermelho began to indicate the promotions in the stores year-round on its website and on Facebook and there was a separation between "Lápis Vermelho" weekly offerings; and " Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho" moments of the summer and winter campaigns.

In 2015, Multiplan associated the Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho with Black Friday, the biggest global retail event, disseminating its offerings through the Lápis' social media, in addition to creating "Standby Work Shifts" to handle offers via the malls' WhatsApp and Snapchat accounts, taking customers' questions and giving tips on product promotion.