Multiplan awards social projects at a Child Care Seminar

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Aware of its social responsibility and aiming to contribute to national development, Multiplan promoted the “Multiply the Good – Expand the Future” Seminar during Children's Month. The event was held on October 27 at the Teatro Multiplan and included two panels on topics related to childhood care - late adoption and child labor - in addition to an award in partnership with Instituto da Criança.

At the event, the Company selected four institutions for the protection of children and teens that operate in the regions where the Company is present. The awardees were Obra Social Dona Meca, from Rio de Janeiro; Pro-Saber, from São Paulo; Instituto Adotar - Adotando Vidas, from Minas Gerais and the Federal District and Kinder Integration Center for Special Children, operating in Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná.

The projects were curated in partnership with Instituto da Criança, a children's institute that selected 20 finalist institutions working on the issue of child protection. Winners were defined by an internal panel and seminar participants with the result to be announced after the panels finished their work.

Multiplan frequently conducts actions that buttress its commitment to citizenship and human rights and that benefit the communities in the environs of its projects, such as solidarity actions on Children's Day with the participation of young people assisted by social institutions.

“Multiplique o Bem is the seal of approval that joins together the social actions carried out by Multiplan in all the cities where we are present in the country. Our malls have an important presence in people's routines and a great impact on the development of their surroundings,” says Vander Giordano, institutional vice-president of Multiplan.

The debates were attended by members of public institutions related to children's and teen's rights. Present were Iberê de Castro Dias, Judge of the Children and Youth Court of Guarulhos, and Sérgio Luiz Ribeiro de Souza, Judge of the 4th Children, Youth and Elderly Court of Rio de Janeiro. Also participating were Fabiola Sucasas, Public Prosecutor in São Paulo; Ana Maria Villa Real, Labor Attorney and national coordinator for Combating the Exploitation of Child and Adolescent Labor at the Public Ministry of Labor; and Juliana Armede, Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat of Human Rights and Citizenship of São Paulo.