Multiplan and MorumbiShopping deliver Sol Peres Square to São Paulo

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In addition to a playground and an area for dogs, the space features free wi-fi and background music


On April 5, Multiplan and MorumbiShopping handed over the Sol Peres Square to the city of São Paulo, named in honor of the mother of the company's president, José Isaac Peres. The revitalization of the 8,600-m3 landscaped park was a partnership of the company and the city of São Paulo through the "Adopt a Square" program.

The revitalization process took 60 days.​ Landscaping included the planting, maintenance and fertilization of a variety of grasses and small plants, such as Agapanthus, Purple Pineapple, Blueberries, Peanuts, Palm Grass, Maranta, White Moray, Martian Philodendron, Tasman Flax-Lily and Striped Mongo Grass. Larger trees such as the Wodyetia, Tumbérgia Reta and Christmas Palms also were planted.

"This is an important partnership because it brings the population more pleasure, integrates nature with the mall and gives everyone convenience and meeting spaces," explained Peres.

Existing trees also were pruned and maintained, as was the cleaning of accumulated waste, the removal of debris and the conservation of flooring and sidewalks. Common and recyclable waste disposal containers were also installed.

"Many who work and live near here will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful squares in the city. The art of landscaping and the art of doing something well are legacies of modernity,” said São Paulo Mayor João Doria.

An expanse of water, two pet spaces — one for large and another for small animals — and a sand dune are also are part of the revitalization project. To allow visitors to enjoy their leisure time, a convenience area, a multipurpose court, a sports space and a path made of interlocking elements were built. An area was set aside for kids, who gain a area with merry-go-rounds and a free-play area. The square’s lighting was converted to LED illumination.

"This is a square with a lot of activities and high-tech equipment. For sure, the population will help and collaborate, bringing children to play and, thus, teaching them how to preserve the public heritage," said Cláudio Carvalho, secretary of the city's Regional City Halls.

The installations consist of picnic benches, cellphone recharging stations and a water tunnel, besides fencing and walls.​