Mother's Day campaign compares birth of a child to the Big Bang

Multiplan launched its advertising campaign for Mother's Day yesterday. Generating a life from scratch, following its expansion and discovering that love is infinite: motherhood is the beginning of a new universe. A moment so important that it won a special homage from Multiplan. Created by the Minas Gerais ad agency Lápis Raro, the pieces feature the concept of "Being a mother is creating the world." To the sound of Mozart, the film compares the arrival of a baby to the Big Bang.

For the social network, cards were produced with inspiring phrases and illustrations that can be shared. On Facebook, everything becomes humorous through an augmented reality filter, where mother and son are equipped with an astronaut’s helmet and E.T. antennas.

"Mother's Day is one of the main retail dates and we could not fail to honor them. Our tribute combines two infinite things: a mother’s love and the universe," says Rodrigo Peres, marketing manager of Multiplan.

The campaign can be seen on YouTube and Multiplan’s Facebook page, on the social networks of its shopping malls and as paid editorial material on blogs that discuss maternity. Check out the video:


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