The magic of Christmas comes to life in Multiplan's shopping centers

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The most magical moment of the year has arrived and, with it, many attractions and surprises in Multiplan's malls. Check out the different ornamentation schemes and Christmas activities that await you!

MorumbiShopping, in São Paulo (SP), presents "Christmas Planet" consisting of the largest holographic Christmas tree in the world. Children can enter a spaceship featuring a control panel and a view of space, where they can also pose for photos.  The Letters to Santa area is next door to Christmas Planet and offers a technological breakthrough: by depositing the letter in the North Pole's mailbox, each child will receive a “Letter Sent” confirmation like in an e-mail.

At ShoppingVilaOlímpia, also in São Paulo,Christmas Around the World" offers visitors a delightful train ride through the mall, based on reproductions of important tourist attractions in cities such as London, Paris, Rome and New York. Passengers can also exchange their "train ticket" for gifts from Jacquet, France's most traditional brand of breads and cakes.

ShoppingAnáliaFranco, also located in the city of São Paulo, enters into the Christmas spirit with the "The Fabulous Yuletide Toy Factory" theme. The “factory” has a large interactive toy with all-inclusive elements and a sensory panel, rotating gears and slides.  To ensure more fun for more people, the mall created the Solidarity Toy Workshop. In it, kids will be able to build two presents: one for themselves and one that will be donated to a child supported by local social institutions.

 ParkShoppingSãoCaetano, in São Caetano do Sul (SP), this year spotlights "Christmas in Italy" in its decoration, which recreates great Italian classics, such as the historic Trevi Fountain. Visitors will be able to toss coins into it and make a wish, just as in Rome. The coins collected will be donated to the Solidarity Social Fund of São Caetano do Sul.  The social action is part Multiplan's "Multiply the Good" project. In addition, children can participate in young people’s cooking and craft workshops, and play on a scooter carousel.

ShoppingSantaUrsula, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), offers "Unity Christmas," delivering a positive message designed to make a difference. The mall invites customers to participate in Yuletide traditional gift giving through "solidarity" Christmas trees. On them are the names of children and seniors from a number of different social institutions around the city to whom visitors can make donations for a happier Christmas.  There is also a tree for donation of food for dogs and cats assisted by social projects that work with street animals. Santa Claus greets the children in a setting that simulates a library of astronomical books and instruments. 

At BarraShopping, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the highlight is the city's tallest Christmas tree, 65m high, set up in the parking lot. The interior decoration features giant dolls, lights and Christmas icons. Along with Santa Claus, who is on hand for photos with the kids, the mall also hosts an interactive tree and Father Christmas’ sleigh, which takes visitors on a diverting virtual journey. During Sundays in November, the mall also presents orchestras in the parking lot, always at 7:30 p.m.

 VillageMall, also in Rio, welcomes the public with a beautiful "Santa's Garden," bedecked with more than a thousand handmade flowers composing the main Christmas scenery, about 20 trees of varying sizes and many other decorative Yuletide elements.

At ParkShopping, in Brasília (DF), the great novelty consists of interactive Christmas ornaments and whose main attraction is a virtual ride on Santa's sleigh through the sky of Brasilia.  The return of the ice rink also promises to be a success.

BH Shopping, in Belo Horizonte (MG), has chosen "Sweets Factory " for this year's's theme. The star of the show is the tallest Christmas tree in BH, which can be seen from various points of the city, is 34 meters high and boasts more than 200,000 individual lights.

And for its part, DiamondMall, also in the capital of Minas Gerais, has prepared a charming Christmas decor this year based on the "Toy Factory" theme.  Kids can enjoy a mini Ferris wheel ride there that has been set up.

Bring your family to live the magic of Christmas!