Lápis Vermelho points to unmissable offers on Consumer Day

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Retailers are undertaking their first big promotion in the first quarter of this year, attracting more and more public interest: Consumer Day. Established in 2014, the date is gaining greater relevance. A study by Google suggests that not only is the search volume on the topic increasing every year, but also the searches are starting earlier and earlier.

In Multiplan’s shopping centers, the opportunity for a good purchase has always been present through the indications of the Lápis Vermelho (Red Pencil) promotions, a great ally of the client in identifying how to live well while spending little. This year, the novelty is that Lápis Vermelho's area in the shoppings websites indicates special offers of Consumer Day. The tips are also posted on the Lápis Vermelho Facebook page and the shopping center social media sites.

Check out and take advantage of the offers!