Guaranteed fun for everyone's holidays in Multiplan's malls

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Programs for children, tours for the family, lots of adrenaline and fun. At Multiplan's malls, during this vacation break period, just make a choice; rest will have to wait for afterwards!

From July 1-31, BarraShopping in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), will operate a fun filled mini-golf course. Children from four years old can play and there's no age limit. The paid attraction costs R$ 15 per round, covering all the 11 holes available on the course. Instructors will be on hand to help, answer questions and pass along the basics.

As of July 4, the ParkShoppingCampoGrande, also in Rio de Janeiro, has a gigantic Ferris Wheel set up on its premises, one of the largest traveling toys in Latin America. Some 30 meters tall, the equivalent of a ten-story building, and with 20 closed cabins with capacity for six people each, the attraction is equipped with LED lighting, offering a real light and color show. Pets can also enjoy in on the fun: animals up to medium-sized have a place guaranteed in a specific cabin. Tickets range from R$ 10 to R$$190 (in the VIP cabin for 6).

The ShoppingVilaOlímpia in São Paulo (SP) is offering the Crayola House attraction with free activities until July 30, for children from 3-11. The small fry will have access to a number of Crayola-branded products, such as pens, colored pencils, crayons and colored inks in different recreational settings. Over at ShoppingAnáliaFranco, also in São Paulo, children – and adults – can play in a giant inflatable Bounce House with the theme "The Enchanted Forest" as of July 4. The novel 150 m² attraction was developed especially for the Mall and is also free.

The aroma of popcorn is going to permeate ParkShoppingSãoCaetano in São Caetano do Sul (SP) until July 30. The "Arena Popcorn Gourmet" event will delight children up to 12 years at no charge in the mall's Events Square featuring many different themed activities. Among them is a photo booth in the shape of a giant popcorn-bag, a crafts workshop for painting and decorative drawings and the Popcorn Bar, a table full of goodies available for customizing gourmet popcorn. And, because popcorn demands a movie, the space also has built a cozy corner from which to watch special films.

JundiaíShopping in Jundiaí will be running the “Discovery Kids – É do Brasil” exhibition. The activity, to be held from July 6-30 at the Events Square, is free and open to children of all ages. Accompanied by the Doki and the Floogals characters, animations of the Discovery Kids channel, visitors are invited to take a true cultural and interactive trip around Brazil.

For its part, RibeirãoShopping in Ribeirão Preto (SP), has scheduled programming and robotics workshops for July 4-30 that will teach children and teenagers to create games, applications, computer and even robotic programming. Registration is free and must be made in advance. The mall also is putting on the unprecedented international "Transformers" show until July 20 and will present free rock music performances as part of its Garden Music Drops schedule.

Also in Ribeirão Preto, ShoppingSantaÚrsula has prepared several free activities to entertain kids, such as the Handwriting Book Fair, which presents 2,000 books at affordable prices; the Musical Theatre and Magic project; and the Minecraft game, in partnership with a programming course and cooking activities.

Imposingly large, winged, with magical powers or exhaling fire, dragons are present in the "Dragons" exhibition promoted by the BH Shopping in Belo Horizonte (MG), during the entire month of July. One fossil and nine replicas of different species, up to four meters in height and seven meters long, are scattered throughout the mall to entertain children and their families.

Also in Belo Horizonte, DiamondMall is offering, from July 18-30, the "Inventing Fashion" event. The activity will feature free fashion workshops for children 4 to 12 years old that present aesthetic methodologies and promote awareness about one's own clothes.

At ParkShopping in Brasilia (DF), an interactive sensory experience circuit offers the entire family a futuristic way of having fun. Totally free, the Lemonade Experience is available through July 23 offering interactive experiments, allowing the public to get to know the newest global marketplace gadgets and learn a little more about the principles of technology and robotics.

ParkShoppingBarigüi inaugurated its traditional ice skating rink on July 6, marking the opening of the winter vacation season in Curitiba (PR). During 55 days, local residents and tourists to the city can enjoy the attraction that is now in its 12th year. Skating sessions can last 30 or 60 minutes and cost R$ 40.00 and R$ 65.00, respectively. Children 2 to 5 years of age can play on the rink in the Big Ice Car (a sled) for R$20.00.

BarraShoppingSul in Porto Alegre (RS) has also assembled an Ice Skating Rink to welcome children and adults who want to venture out on it. The event is open through August 27. Tickets cost R$ 40.00 and entitle use of the rink for 30 minutes. Furthermore, the Big Ice Car costs R$ 20.00.

Have a happy vacation season in Multiplan's shopping malls!