Campaign highlights care and safety in Multiplan malls

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With the participation of Evaristo Costa and Glória Pires, Multiplan has just launched its new institutional campaign to highlight care and safety attributes its shopping centers. Created by the NW3 agency and produced by TKFilmes, the campaign will appear on open and closed TV channels and digital media, focused on what goes on behind the scenes of a mall before its daily opening. First aired this week in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, the campaign also features an online web-series.

The video portrays the preparation of a shopping mall to receive customers: the arrival of employees, taking their temperatures and bolstering the sanitation measures inside the project's areas, highlighting the safety protocols that the Company has adopted to dampen the transmission of COVID-19. “The campaign reflects the care and safety we are applying in our malls, where every detail counts to offer a positive experience to our consumers," says Rodrigo Peres, Co-Head of Marketing, Innovation and Digital Business (MIND) at Multiplan.

The film also highlights the more than 700 surface tests carried out at high circulation points inside Multiplan’s malls in recent months, all returning negative results. “The tests we perform demonstrate the efficiency of our health safety protocol, which is already familiar to customers, as well. Our malls maintain all the initiatives adopted since the beginning of the pandemic, including communication to the public about the mandatory use of masks and other health and hygiene care measures," says Vander Giordano, Multiplan's Institutional Vice President.

The web-series contains testimonials from clients, store managers and personalities about the experience in a Multiplan project and the importance of the care that has been adopted. The campaign will last 15 days and is available on the Company's YouTube channel.




NW3 - Integrated Communication

Planning Director: José Breda Ferreira Filho

Creation Heads: Maria Cláudia Gottardi and Sérgio Garrido

Media: Fabiano Rodrigues Santos and Solange Pires


AM4 – digital content

Commercial Director: Magno Carvalho

Project Manager: Paolla Coutinho

Developers: Alexandre Dias and Vinicius Eugenio

Direction of Digital Creation: Manoel César

Designer: Henrique Ferraz


TK Filmes

Executive Director: Táriki Barbosa and Luiz Barbosa

Director: Paula Galacini

Director of Photography: Rubia Lima and Davi Valente

Production Director: Thiago Freire

Assistant Director: Hemily Araújo

Video Assistant: Carla Soares

GMA: Gustavo Spock

Direct Sound: Rafael Comes

PPE and COVID Tests: Michelle Rodrigues

Screenwriting: Henry Assef

Edition/finalization: Loris Reggiani / Guilherme Marcos/Paulo Oliveira/Lorena Martinez

Sound producer: Toka

Customer approval: Marcelo Martins, Marcos Botelho, Rodrigo Peres