BarraShopping elected as Rio de Janeiro’s favorite mall for the ninth time in a row

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BarraShopping is the favorite mall of the Cariocas, according to O Globo newspaper's 'Marcas dos Cariocas' opinion poll. This is the ninth consecutive year that the project has placed at the top of the ranking, which presents the brands of products and services that are most admired by the city’s natives and/or residents, broken down into 40 categories. Among the criteria evaluated by the participants are quality, respect for the consumer, price, identity and evolution. Conducted since 2010, the project is a partnership with TroianoBranding

According to Jussara Nova Raris, Superintendent of BarraShopping Complex and New York City Center, the recognition is the result of the project's dedication, commitment and pioneering spirit. "We have influenced the development of Barra since we arrived in the region. For many years, we have been chosen by established national and international brands to host their first operations in the city and even in the country," she says, emphasizing that for the public the mall is like a second home. "Here people find everything in one place, from shopping and medical clinics to leisure spaces. This is our big distinguishing characteristic."

As a way to give back to the city, this year the mall celebrated its 37th anniversary with the inauguration of a large Christmas tree, set in a parking lot that borders Av. Das Américas. Created by scenographer Abel Gomes, the iconic outdoor tree is 65 meters long and was produced with materials that proffer light and brightness, such as luminous hoses, mini strobes, moving lights and metalloid ribbons.

Also according to the superintendent, one of the major novelties of the project for the coming year will be the modernization of the facade - which promises to please the public even more. The project, which covers a total area of ​​7,200 m², will see the addition of porticos, glassed-in areas and special lighting by 2020. "The sidewalks, entrances and parking area will also be revitalized, including new landscaping. Once again, we are thinking about the comfort of our customers," emphasizes Jussara.


About BarraShopping

Inaugurated in October 1981, the BarraShopping Complex and New York City Center now has 100,000 m² of total GLA, adding two high-end Medical Centers and more than 700 stores. About 100,000 people pass through our corridors daily. Each year, BarraShopping and New York City Center - which are interconnected - receive about 35 million visitors. The two high-end medical centers - some of the most advanced in Latin America - have more than 50 clinics of different specialties, prestigious laboratories, a day hospital open 24/7 and three modern laboratories with diagnostic imaging and more than 150 doctors.  With over 20 years of existence - inaugurated in December of 1994 - and pioneer in Brazil in the multipurpose project concept, the BarraShopping Medical Center (I and II) receives more than 10,000  people.