Multiplan expands investment in culture and unifies the brand of event centers in its shopping malls

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The event centers of Multiplan's shopping malls will be transformed into Multiplan Hall spaces. The change began in January, and it is estimated that by the end of February, the four units in operation will already have a new look. For Marcelo Martins, Vice President of Operations, the investment in experience and culture within the malls is a constant focus of the Company. The strategy of unifying the new brand aims to consolidate trust, loyalty, and market value with customers. The spaces are located at BarraShoppingSul and ParkShoppingCanoas in the south region, and at ParkJacarepaguá and RibeirãoShopping in the southeast region. In May, the inauguration of the fifth event center is scheduled at ParkShoppingSãoCaetano in São Paulo. Together, they have the capacity to accommodate about 10 thousand people. According to Marcelo, the event centers are another front for Multiplan to offer a complete mix of services and entertainment to customers. The architecture of...