Corporate Responsability

Multiplan’s operations involve a large public that interacts with the company in various ways and, therefore, has many different demands and expectations. Thus, relations with customers, store tenants, suppliers and the community near its projects are of great importance to its operations and development.

Multiplique o bem (Multiplying What's Good): The brand logo used in all of the Multiplan Group’s social responsibility initiatives.

Multiplying What's Good logo

Below, we are highlighting some of Multiplan’s initiatives.


Y.O.U. - MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!: promoted by Shopping Pátio Savassi in Belo Horizonte, the project merges and strengthens close relationships, motivates teams and co-workers.

LINKS: the project was developed by BH Shopping in Belo Horizonte, and then implemented in DiamondMall (also in Belo Horizonte), in RibeirãoShopping and Shopping Santa Úrsula, in Ribeirão Preto. Links offers quality service to all customers by aligning the organizational culture with a mall’s employees and subcontractors.

STUDY HR: to empower the workforce, the program aims at making knowledge the main tool through opportunities for personal and professional growth. It promotes talent retention and encourages self-esteem and pride in belonging to Multiplan.

TOP GRADE EMPLOYEE: started in 2010, the program is designed to recognize maintenance, cleaning, parking and security employees who are standouts, offering an extra minimum wage per year.

RETAIL CLUB: the club’s proposition is to help improve the training of sales teams and store managers through lectures and short courses on retail-related topics, taking into account each mall’s profile, industry trends, innovative case histories and different approaches to the business.


Since 2011, Multiplan’s shopping centers have hosted free international cultural exhibitions, which aim to bring entertainment and knowledge to the consumer. The main exhibits presented in the shopping centers have been:

• "Secrets of Egypt": displays sculptures, jewelry, tools, ceramics, paintings, mummies, sarcophagi and other objects that represent the mysterious history of the land of the Pharaohs, whose culture dates back to 4000 BC. The collection includes 150 pieces (108 original and 42 replicas), some acquired in the Cairo Museum. The show is divided into sub-themes: Everyday Life, Construction, War, Navigation, Dynasties and Gods. The exhibition presents an original Ushebti sarcophagus and a replica of pharaoh Tutankhamun's throne, existing in famous museums in the world. The highlights are the sculptures of gods: Anubis, Horus, Thoth and Amon, some up to 2.5 meters high, plus the replica of a Sphinx.

• "The World of Dinosaurs": with more than 10 animatronic replicas of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterosaurs, Velociraptors and Allosaurus, in full size. Unlike conventional exhibitions, "The World of Dinosaurs" allows people to interactively learn details and facts about the lives of dinosaurs. The creatures on exhibit emit sounds and movements, which makes the attraction even more realistic to the public.

• "Treasures, Myths and Mysteries of the Americas": with more than 100 replicas of monuments and works of art built by some of the most mysterious civilizations in the world, the exhibition tells the story and presents the culture of the ancient people who inhabited the Americas for thousands years. There are seven main installations: Moais of Easter Island; Pyramid of Chichen Itza; Mayan calendar; Showcases of Colombian Gold and Ceramics; Estela de Quiriguá; and the Ruins of San Agustín, as well as the characterization of an indigenous warrior.


Collections: Multiplan’s malls are involved in a series of actions to help NGOs, social organizations and institutes, including collection of warm clothes donated to the Salvation Army; foodstuffs during the Easter period; books and toys at Christmastime.

Children's Day: malls Multiplan’s malls run a Hot Zone event, in which hundreds of children from different institutions celebrate a day of games, gifts and snacks.

Touching Life: sponsored by RibeirãoShopping, students of the Municipal Primary Education School (EMEF) system participate in the project, which offers urban dance lessons, choral singing and flute lessons.

Manoel Leão Horse Riding and Swimming Project: Shopping Santa Úrsula continuously supports the Swimming in Front Project, which encourages sports activities for children from the underprivileged outskirts of the city, and the Manoel Leão Horse Riding Project, which promotes riding therapy for children with physical and mental disabilities.

BH Shopping Team Athletes: BH Shopping has been sponsoring athletes for the BH Shopping/Minas team at the Minas Tennis Club.

Family Participant's Project for the Pequeno Principe Hospital: Multiplan supports the program that funds residence of family members of children admitted to hospital in Curitiba (PR), favoring and shortening patients' recovery.

International Circus Festival: support for the organization of the festival held in May 2014 and making its stay at ParkShoppingCampoGrande feasible.