About Us

Bold and creative since 1974.

Founded in 1974, Multiplan is one of Brazil’s largest shopping center industry companies. It manages and owns one of the best portfolios in the industry, with 20 units in operation in the country’s large consumer markets such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, the Federal District and Alagoas, totaling more than 2 million m² of installations and approximately 930.000 m² of Gross Leasable Area (GLA). Its malls contain more than 6,000 stores, register a flow of about 200 million visits a year.

Multiplan also is a significant player in the real estate development business, with investments in residential and commercial projects. Recognition in this market segment is the result of its groundbreaking development of mixed-use projects. By merging housing options, employment, leisure, shopping and services options, the company offers users convenience and comfort, nurtures synergies and adds value to its assets.


To foster improved quality of life, convenience and value creation through development of shopping centers and real estate projects.


To consolidate its projects as the best and most complete solutions for necessities of consumption, entertainment, services and welfare, thereby becoming an unrivaled point of reference in the Brazilian shopping center industry.


"The secret of success is to do things well"
Multiplan’s primary objective is to achieve quality and excellence in all of its projects. Long-term success is the result of the determination to always do things well. And to do things well, it is necessary to enjoy what one is doing. This is the principle Multiplan has historically followed, allowing it to become one of the most solid and dynamic real estate development groups in Brazil.