São Paulo

Technical Details

  • Inauguration: 11/09/1999
  • Gross Leasable Area: 51,590 m²
  • Multiplan’s Stake: 30%
  • Number of Stores: 403
  • Expansions: 1
  • Jobs created: 3.806
  • Sales in 2022: BRL 1.472 million
  • Customer Traffic in 2022: 11,6 million visitors
  • Visitor Profile: 91% high and upper-middle income; 56% women

About The Mall

A reference point in fashion, culture and style on São Paulo's East Side

Inaugurated in 1999, the shopping mall was one of the area’s first and played a key role in the real estate development in the region and higher property values in the surrounding area. Nearby residents describe it as one of the region's best shopping and entertainment experiences.

A benchmark for style and quality, it was elected by popular vote in 2012 as São Paulo’s best shopping mall according to Época magazine. With a complete range of quality stores, in addition to special services and decoration, the shopping mall is consolidating its position as the region's best center for fashion and culture.

One of the development's strongest characteristics is that it hosts high visibility events, with a long history of social and cultural activities like shows and free exhibits, in addition to fashion events that are always designed to bring the season's latest trends to consumers.