Rio Grande do Sul

Technical Details

  • Inauguration: 11/18/2008
  • Gross Leasable Area: 72,102 m²
  • Multiplan’s Stake: 100%
  • Number of Stores: 300
  • Jobs created: 2.529
  • Sales in 2022: BRL 806,6 million
  • Customer Traffic in 2022: 9,1 million visitors
  • Visitor Profile: 86% upper and upper-middle income; 55% women

About The Mall

Sustainable and Innovative Design on the banks of the Guaíba River

BarraShoppingSul is a modern architectural project, with large glass structures that make the most of natural lighting. It was conceived as a multi-purpose concept and includes Crystal Tower and the Diamond Tower, two office tower connected to the shopping mall, in addition to an apartment building, Residence du Lac.

Winner in two categories of the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) Latin America Shopping Center Awards in 2011: "Innovative Design and Development in a New Project” and the special jury’s “Sustainable Design” choice, due to the savings in natural resources guaranteed by the development.

A reference point in entertainment, it has an indoor video game center, eight movie theaters, an events center and a food court featuring a view of the Guaíba River.