Technical Details

  • Inauguration: 11/12/2003
  • Gross Leasable Area: 52,296 m²
  • Multiplan’s Stake: 93.3%
  • Number of Stores: 325
  • Expansions: 2
  • Jobs created: 3.898
  • Sales in 2022: BRL 1.410,2 million
  • Customer Traffic in 2022: 11,2 million visitors
  • Visitor Profile: 91% upper and upper-middle income; 54% women

About The Mall

Integrated with the environment

Located next to the Barigüi Park is one of Brazil's most modern shopping malls. Its architectural plan works to enhance integration with the environment through the use of large windows and structural designs that make the most of the region’s light, lush vegetation and natural beauty. Designed according to the multi-purpose concept, which plans ahead for future office buildings, the development has lent momentum to the development of its surroundings.

Attached to the shopping center is ParkCultural, a 2,400m² space for hosting events and exhibitions of great interest to the public.

Shopping Center Expansion

ParkShoppingBarigüi continues to embrace the spirit of the times, seeking coveted brands and incredible novelties. The mix will become even more comprehensive with the arrival of 75 new operations. It's a diverse and democratic space that facilitates meaningful encounters among generations, habits, and completely different styles. With the expansion, the mall is gearing up to host a total of 417 stores, 14 anchor stores, and 8 mega-stores, within a construction area totaling over 200,000 square meters. Learn more here.