Minas Gerais

Technical Details

  • Inauguration: 11/06/1996
  • Gross Leasable Area: 21,351 m²
  • Multiplan’s Stake: 90%
  • Number of Stores: 272
  • Expansions: 1
  • Jobs: 2.477
  • Sales in 2021: BRL 475,7 million
  • Customer Traffic in 2021: 3 million visitors (2º sem. - 2 million )
  • Visitor Profile: 90% upper and upper-middle income; 55% women

About The Mall

Luxury address in Belo Horizonte

Located in Lourdes, one of Belo Horizonte’s most sophisticated neighborhoods, DiamondMall is home to some of the best Brazilian and international brands and features an architectural plan reminiscent of a diamond.

Outward facing store-windows along the façade show off new products and developments using bold, creative campaigns. Art and culture are integral parts of this development, which has been designed with those who search for comfort and style with elegance in mind.

Since 1996, DiamondMall has been serving a demanding consumer public through 270 stores, some of them exclusive in Minas Gerais, six spacious movie theaters featuring state-of-the-art technology, two food courts, 1,289 parking spaces and a fully-equipped workout gym. In addition, there is an emporium selling gourmet food products from all over the world.