Minas Gerais

Technical Details

  • Inauguration: 09/12/1979
  • Gross Leasable Area: 46,976m²
  • Multiplan’s Stake: 100%
  • Number of Stores: 445
  • Expansions: 5
  • Jobs created: 6,299
  • Sales in 2022: BRL 1.538 million
  • Customer Traffic in 2022: 9,3 million visitors
  • Visitor Profile: 84% upper and upper-middle income; 56%

About The Mall

The beginning of a success story

The pioneering spirit and boldness that Multiplan is known for can be clearly seen in BHShopping, the company's first shopping center and also the first in the state of Minas Gerais. Built in the Belvedere neighborhood, far from the urban center, the development bet on the city's growth in that direction ended up making history by contributing to the region’s real estate development and appreciation.

Inaugurated in 1979, after five expansion projects, it is still a market leader.

The cloverleaf interchange near the mall inspired Multiplan's logo, which continues to this day. A symbol for luck, the clover is also a symbol for the company's history of success.