Technical Details

  • Location: Brasília, DF
  • Delivery: December 2012
  • Interest held by Multiplan: 70%
  • Gross Leasable Area: 13,360 m²
  • Land Area: 15,800 m²
  • Built Area: 37,572 m²

About The Project

Towers with exclusive parking spots and direct access to ParkShopping

Delivered in December 2012, ParkShopping Corporate is comprised of two commercial towers for leasing, each with six floors. The buildings are located on the same site as the shopping center and are linked to ParkShopping by a walkway.  With an investment of R$ 86.4 million and 13,360 m² in gross leasable area (GLA), it was built over a parking deck containing 396 exclusive parking spaces.

During the construction phase the construction site for ParkShopping Corporate was considered “impeccable” and “an example of good practices” by the Center for Building Technology (CBT), the consulting firm that monitors the adaptation of construction to the LEED standards for sustainable practices.