Morumbi Office Tower

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Technical Details

  • Location: São Paulo, SP
  • Delivery: 1993
  • Land Area: 15,016 m²
  • Built Area: 32,290 m²
  • Nº of buildings: 01

About The Project

The address for success

Built by Multiplan next to MorumbiShopping, the Morumbi Office Tower anticipated the commercial success of Avenida Berrini as a complex of commercial offices and services in São Paulo. It was a benchmark project at the time — in 1993 — featuring an intelligent and totally automated office building and because of the elegance of its architectural design. Sixteen stories tall, the Morumbi office Tower is located on 32,000 m², contains a heliport, 462 parking spaces and a landscaping project designed by Burle Marx. All of this, of course, conveniently located next to MorumbiShopping, elected the best shopping center in the city of São Paulo.