Cristal Tower

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Technical Details

  • Location: Porto Alegre, RS
  • Delivery date: September 2011
  • Interest held by Multiplan: 100%
  • Area on sale: 128,220 sq.ft. (11,912 sq.m.)
  • Parcel measurement: 43,755 sq.ft. (4,065 sq.m.)
  • Total Built Area: 236,806 sq.ft. (22,000 sq.m.)

About The Project

Synergy between commerce and services

In 2011 Multiplan delivered Cristal Tower, the first business tower project in Porto Alegre, linking with the South of Brazil’s largest mall, BarraShoppingSul. The project is part of the strategic operations of the company’s real estate development division, creating synergy with its shopping centers. The 22-story building combines working space, services, purchases and leisure options in a single location, comprising a multiuse project.