Centro Profissional RibeirãoShopping

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Technical Details

  • Location: Ribeirão Preto, SP
  • Delivery: November 2012
  • Interest held by Multiplan: 100%
  • Area for sale: 12,563 m²
  • Built Area: 32,000 m²

About The Project

Project encourages synergy with RibeirãoShopping

The Ribeirão Shopping Professional Center is an office tower with 288 flexible-design office suites (40 m² each) allowing interlinking of space creating units of up to 772 m² (equivalent to an entire floor). With a total area of 12,563 m² distributed over 18 floors, it also has two meeting rooms, a coffee shop with outdoor deck, a fitness center and spa, condominium intranet and Internet access in the offices and common areas, as well as valet parking and 349 parking spaces.

Centro Profissional RibeirãoShopping is connected to RibeirãoShopping by a walkway, promoting synergy between business and service activities. Potential sales volume (PSV) is estimated at R$ 80.3 million. The project was delivered in November 2012.