Centro Empresarial BarraShopping

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Technical Details

  • Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • Delivery: from 2000 until 2003
  • Land Area: 721,181 sq.ft. (67,000 sq.m.)
  • Built Area: 1,864,739 sq.ft. (173,240 sq.m.)
  • Nº of buildings: 11

About The Project

Functionality, technology and integration

Opened in 2001, BarraShopping Business Center (BBC) is part of one of the largest shopping, services, and leisure-time activities complexes in Rio de Janeiro. Designed based on intelligent architecture, the 11 buildings house small, medium and large companies.  The BBC is located next to Villiage Mall and is connected to BarraShopping via an overhead walkway more than 200 m long where around 3,000 people circulate daily.