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  • Real estate

  • Golden Lake - Learn more about the project
    foto Golden Lake

    Inspired by the Golden Green condominium in Barra da Tijuca, still considered the most luxurious development in Rio de Janeiro, also bearing the Multiplan signature, GOLDEN LAKE will bring a new lifestyle to the people of Rio Grande do Sul, combining security, well-being, and convenience. All 18 towers offer a perennial view of Porto Alegre's iconic postcard: the Guaíba River and its spectacular sunset.

    Located 3 minutes from BarraShoppingSul and overlooking the Guaíba River, the new and unique private neighborhood is being developed in an area of 163,000 square meters. It consists of seven condominiums with their own complete amenities infrastructure, interconnected with an unprecedented area of sports, leisure, and entertainment. This truly provides a neighborhood lifestyle adapted to contemporary daily life, emphasizing security and quality of life as essential values.

    The first of the seven condominiums to be launched and built is LAKE VICTORIA. Comprising four towers and a total of 94 units ranging from 299 to 543 square meters of private area, it totals 34,000 square meters of sales area. All apartments feature a permanent view of the Guaíba River, four suites, a fireplace, and internal and balcony gourmet spaces.

  • Shopping Center Expansion

  • DiamondMall Expansion - Learn more about the project
    foto DiamondMall Expansion

    All the exclusivity of DiamondMall on a new floor, with over 30 new stores and three restaurants. A unique experience of luxury, fashion, lifestyle, and gastronomy that will expand all your senses, combining the excellence of Multiplan and the location in the city's most traditional and valued neighborhood.

  • ParkShoppingBarigüi Expansion - Learn more about the project
    foto ParkShoppingBarigüi Expansion

    Between stores, restaurants, cafes, and air-conditioned rest areas, the expansion will also inaugurate a Multi-Specialty Medical Center, an even more diverse and qualified Park Gourmet, a permanent Ice Skating Arena, a new HotZone, and an Events Center for all occasions.