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Communication translates into profitability

The Merchandising department focuses on finding the most appropriate strategy and best form of exposure for the advertiser's brand, in order to create connections and provide unique experiences to consumers.

With extensive market knowledge, Multiplan’s Merchandising team is equipped to meet the different marketing and advertising needs of all the sectors of domestic industry and commerce in Brazil's industrial sector, promoting products and services to a well educated and opinion-forming public.

Among the many venues available in the shopping malls are kiosks, stands and special format areas in addition to internal banners and outside panels with prime visibility

Multiplan shopping malls receive an average of 190 million customers per year, mostly from classes A and B, who generate around R$15 billion in sales. Merging and analyzing customer profiles optimizes investment in publicity.

  • Digital Circuit

    Wide coverage, interactivity and customization. The digital circuit embraces the entire mall and opens up an integrated and creative channel with consumers.

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  • Event and external areas

    In all of our malls, our event areas can accommodate large publics and action formats that generate buzz and excellent opportunities on behalf of your brand.

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  • Events Square

    In the seven cities where Multiplan’s malls are present, each shopping has an Event Square to meet the diverse needs of consumers and advertisers. These spaces are located in prime areas and are designed to hold special projects. The impact of these sites is so great that they are used for installation of Christmas decorations.

    In addition to communication actions for products and services, various events are conducted by the marketing departments of each mall throughout the year. Always with the aim to delight and exceed the expectations of the public.

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  • Exclusive media

    Within a space that is entirely devoted to consumption and leisure, we offer exclusive media products. Your company can be the brand name of a theater, entire parking floors or customized access cards, among other special formats.

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  • Gates (entries and exits)

    At entry and exit gates we offer media that receives the full attention of the consumer. The formats may vary widely and create different levels of interaction and communication.

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  • Gigantic banners

    The gigantic banners are particularly well positioned and come in a special format, which guarantees visibility from a number of different floors, as well as being a high impact form of communication.

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  • Indoor panels

    In high traffic flow locations where there exists a possibility of working with special sizes and formats, these panels produce high impact in all of our malls.

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  • Mall banners

    The banners circuit ensures visibility and strength for your campaigns. It is a publicizing option that can involve different spaces around the shopping mall.

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  • Outdoor media

    If you are seeking to make an impact and wide exposure, we offer different possibilities for using our malls’ outdoor areas.

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  • Sampling/Pamphleting

    To conduct a special communications campaign, offer a gift or a brand sample, testing at our security gates makes it possible to implement directed and effective communication, including product experimentation.

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  • Special Projects

    Sustainability, Technology, Luxury and Football are some of the themes of traveling projects that come to our malls. Exhibitions, music and fashion shows are other formats that can be specially produced for your brand.

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  • Stands

    The perfect stage to tell the story of your products. Spaces from 2 to 30 m2, where you can obtain visibility and traffic for sales, experimentation and other institutional actions.

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