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World of the Dinosaurs arrives at BarraShoppingSul

The universe of prehistoric beings, that both arouse curiosity and admiration of the people for their grandeur, arrives in an unprecedented way to Porto Alegre in BarraShoppingSul. The international exhibition "World of Dinosaurs" features, uniquely, more than 10 animatronic replicas of the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex, pterosaurs, Velociraptor and Allosaurus, full size. The free show runs until October 19.

Unlike conventional exhibition, "The World of Dinosaurs" lets people know details and facts about the lives of dinosaurs interactively. Exposed creatures emit sounds and movements, which makes the attraction even more exciting for the audience. "The shows mix entertainment and education, is a great opportunity to meet the pre-history and its most remarkable animals," explains Tania Birth, marketing manager of BarraShoppingSul.

The adventure by prehistoric era begins in front of the mall, in the outer area, where visitors have the opportunity to check out the replica of a giant Apatosauros animal that lived over 150 million years and reached eight meters in height and 22 meters in length. Already inside the mall, the public makes a trip by Mesozoic era and the ancient inhabitants of the earth.

Besides the replicas of dinosaurs, the show also features reproductions of fossils and sessions on a simulator film. Installed near the exhibition, the simulator room has capacity to receive nine people per session. The views last about 8 minutes and guarantee excitement with effects that simulate water jets, wind, and seats that move up to a dinosaur's tail coming out of surprise beneath the seats.

To complete the experience, the side of space there are still three toy dinosaurs, where children can sit on their backs while they simulate walking. Visitors can also purchase souvenirs as dinosaur eggs and fossils in a souvenir shop in the same location.

"The World of Dinosaurs" is part of Multiplan's strategy to bring its malls unprecedented international cultural attractions exclusively. With a total investment of 3 million dolar, the exhibition has gone through five projects in the country, being BarraShoppingSul, Porto Alegre, the last to receive the show. In 2015, five more malls in the network will rely on the attraction. "We work to always offer educational programs to the general public and free entertainment. This successful strategy began in 2011 and since then has invested almost 10 million dolar in five different shows worldwide, "explains marketing director of Multiplan, Rodrigo Peres. Success in Europe, "The World of Dinosaurs" was adapted especially for Multiplan, so it could be displayed in shopping malls.


- BH Shopping – From January 8th to February 2nd, 2015

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