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Multiplan’s shopping centers receive original and free exhibition in many cities

Three shopping centers of Multiplan are with exhibits on display. ParkShoppingBarigüi, in Curitiba (Paraná) provides an amazing trip to the woods and Brazilian forests. This is the proposal of original exhibition "Brazil Wild", developed exclusively for the Multiplan’s shopping centers. Signed by Cristian Dimitrius, the exhibition will be on display until April 12th, taking visitors to know the different natural biomes in Brazil through photos, videos, interactive programs and educational activities, such as tree climbing and children's workshops.

Until March 29th, the JundiaíShopping, in Jundiaí (São Paulo), let your customers closer of Egyptian culture. The exhibition "Secrets of Egypt" features more than 100 pieces of original and reproduction, leading the audience to the mysteries of the land of the pharaohs. Among the highlights, the sculptures of gods Anubis, Horus, Amon and Thor come to measure up to 2.5 meters. Sculptures, jewelry, tools, ceramics, paintings on papyrus, and other objects existing in world famous museums such as the Sarcophagus Ushebti and Pharaoh Tutankhamun's throne provide a cultural and charming shopping experience for customers.

In Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), BarraShoppingSul receives, until April 26th, the international exhibition “Warriors - the biggest in history”, made exclusively for Multiplan’s shopping centers. Visitors can check closely and free the curiosities and details of medieval knights, samurais and great warriors. The exhibition brings together some 150 pieces - between originals and replicas such as swords, armor, shields, clothing and helmets, as well as archaeological piece.

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