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Multiplan launches new edition of Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho

In July, 15 shopping centers in the Multiplan group hold the traditional Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho. The large selloff of inventory will occur in most of the stores of the malls with offers of discounts of up to 70%.
Depending on the dynamics of each region, the liquidation will take place on different dates. July 2 to July 5 the action happens in BarraShopping/New York City Center and ParkShoppingCampogrande in Rio de Janeiro. Then, from July 16 to 19, it's the turn of the Minas Gerais malls: BH Shopping, DiamondMall and Pátio Savassi, in Belo Horizonte. In the state of São Paulo, the sale takes place July 16-26 in ShoppingAnáliaFranco, in MorumbiShopping and in ShoppingVilaOlímpia in São Paulo; in JundiaíShopping in Jundiaí; in RibeirãoShopping and Shopping Santa Ursula, in Ribeirão Preto and ParkShoppingSãoCaetano in São Caetano do Sul; as well as in ParkShoppingBarigüi in Curitiba. Finally, ParkShopping in Brasilia; the sale will be run between July 17 and 26 while BarraShoppingSul in Porto Alegre it will be held July 23-26.
Customers can use the QR app (mobile device bar code reader available through the internal media of the malls (banners, displays or posters) to discover the promotions. By scanning the code, a consumer's cell phone automatically opens the mobile site (www.liquidacaolapisvermelho.com.br), in which the offers can be checked out. In addition, the Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho itself has an application on its Facebook fan page on that allows consumers to search for products on sale (www.facebook.com/LiquidacaoLapisVermelho).
"A traditional Multiplan action, the Liquidação do Lápis Vermelho is a good opportunity for consumers to purchase products at more affordable prices. For our malls, this is also a strategy to boost visitor flows during the holiday period," says Marketing manager Rodrigo Peres.
Calendar of promotions:
7/2/2015 to 5/7/2015

Rio de Janeiro: BarraShopping/New York City Center; ParkShoppingCampoGrande
7/16/2015 to 7/19/2015
Belo Horizonte
: BH Shopping, DiamondMall and Pátio Savassi
7/16/2015 to 7/26/2015
São Paulo:
MorumbiShopping, ShoppingAnáliaFranco and ShoppingVilaOlímpia
Ribeirão Preto: RibeirãoShopping and ShoppingSantaÚrsula
São Caetano do Sul: ParkShoppingSãoCaetano
Jundiaí: JundiaíShopping
Curitiba: ParkShoppingBarigüi
7/17/2015 to 7/26/2015
Brasilia: ParkShopping
7/23/2015 to 7/26/2015
Porto Alegre:

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