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BarraShopping receives "Secrets of Egypt", an international exhibition

Until September 21st, BarraShopping visitors will have the opportunity to see the mysteries of the land of the Pharaohs with the exhibition "Secrets of Egypt". The free international show arrives in Rio de Janeiro for the first time and will exhibit details and oddities of ancient Egyptian civilization. Over 140 pieces in all, being 47 original sculptures, jewelry, tools, ceramics, paintings on Papyrus, mummies, sarcophagi, among other objects, will be exhibited at the mall.
The exhibit is divided by themes: Everyday Life, Construction, Navigation and War, Dynasties and Gods. An original sarcophagus Ushebti and the replica of the throne of the Pharaoh Tutankhamón are in the exhibition, for example. Among other highlights are the sculptures of gods Anubis, Horus, Amun and Thot, which reach up to 2,5 meters in length, in addition to a replica of the sphinx. The collection, which comes from Chilean agency Agosin, was purchased at the  Cairo Museum and some pieces are over 3.500 years old.
For BarraShopping marketing manager , Tina Adnet, the exhibition adds value to customers. "We're bringing this project, which gathers facts about the ancient Egyptian civilization and offers entertainment and culture for the whole family, to Rio de Janeiro for the first time”, she says.
"Secrets of Egypt", which has been displayed in six Multiplan shopping malls , is part of the company's strategy to offer in their venues international, free, unpublished and cultural attractions. "It is very meaningful that Multiplan could bring exclusively for the general public a project which tells us so much about this ancient and mysterious civilization, contributing towards children, youth and adults’ education and entertainment", says Multiplan Marketing Manager, Rodrigo Perez.
Upcoming schedule exhibits:
JundiaíShopping – Jundiaí (SP) – from February 20 to March 29, 2015
ParkShoppingBarigüi - Curitiba (PR) – from April 9 to May 10, 2015

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